Waitress Handed Her Own Stolen Driver's License By Customer

Courtesy of Brianna Priddy

When Brianna Priddy, a server at a Colorado Applebee's, asked a diner ordering an alcoholic beverage for her identification, she received quite a surprise.

The woman, dining at the Lakewood, Colo., restaurant with three men on Feb. 25, handed Priddy her own driver's license, the sameone that had been in Priddy's wallet when it was stolen nearly two weeks prior.

Instead of saying out loud the thoughts racing in her head, Priddy calmly examined the license, took the woman's drink order and left the table.

"I don't know what came over me," Priddy, 24, told ABCNews.com. "I just wanted the cops there so I had to just act like everything was alright."

She told her managers and then called police.

"I don't even remember exactly what I said," Priddy said. "I was shaking like crazy."

"They were asking for a description and I said, 'No, she's sitting in the restaurant. You need to get down here now,'" she said.

When police arrived, they arrested the female. In a later search of the suspect's car, police also found drugs and drug paraphernalia, along with Priddy's student ID, according to police.

Making the situation even stranger, the suspect, whose name has not been released because it is an ongoing investigation, is 26 years old, making her of legal age to purchase an alcoholic beverage on her own.

"It makes us suspicious why she would use Brianna's ID and not her own when she's old enough to buy a drink in a bar," Lakewood Police spokesman Steve Davis told ABCNews.com.

The woman faces charges of drug possession as well as theft, identity theft and possibly criminal impersonation, the latter three of which are all felonies, according to Davis. ABCNews.com could not confirm whether she has made bail or remains in custody.

Priddy confirmed the theft happened while Priddy was at a friend's house the night of Feb. 13.

The wallet, which contained around $500 in cash, according to Priddy, has not been recovered.

Priddy, who has worked for Applebee's for three years, says she has never heard of anything like this happening before. Davis, who has worked in law enforcement for over 30 years, says this ranks in his "top few" most strange criminal circumstances.

"I commend her for being so calm and composed about the whole thing when she saw her own license," Davis said. "Most people, I think, would have had some sort of reaction when they saw their own driver's license given to them."