Monkey Attacks Cop During Traffic Stop

When a police officer in Aransas Pass, Texas, pulled over a driver to issue a ticket, he had no idea what passenger was lurking in the back seat.

Officer Keith Moore reached into the truck and, as he handed the ticket to the driver for his signature, was grabbed by a tiny hand. It was monkey, Moore said, and it bit him.

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Moore pulled his hand away, but the entire exchange with the primate was caught on a camera attached to the officer's uniform.

"I wasn't angry. I was just more shocked and surprised than anything else," Moore told the New York Daily News.

Moore's boss, Chief Eric Blanchard, told ABC News today that the monkey, who works with the driver as an entertainer, had no teeth and wasn't able to bite down too hard on Moore. The department found the whole exchange humorous, he said.

The one person who may not have found it so humorous? The driver, who was ticketed for speeding anyway, Blanchard said.