Fla. Teen Allegedly Steals Car With Baby Inside

A Florida teen crashed a stolen car with a baby still inside in Daytona Beach, Fla. (Courtesy WFTV/ABC News)

A Florida teenager has been arrested after he allegedly carjacked a car from a young mother, even though her infant daughter was still inside.

Police arrested Chuckie Adams III, 17, in connection with the carjacking after he crashed the car following a car chase with police.

The infant appeared to be unharmed but both she and her mother were taken to the hospital as a precaution. According to the police report, the infant's mother was harmed when Adams allegedly dragged her from the car.

Daytona Police Chief Mike Chitwood told ABC News affiliate WFTV in Orlando, Fla., that the woman was screaming for help.

"She starts screaming her baby is in the backseat, her baby is in the back seat," Chitwood said.

Initially police suspected Adams and two others in the theft of multiple cars from a local Subaru dealership. When they tried to confront him, he ran and allegedly tried to escape by stealing the car of the young mother, Chitwood said.

After his arrest, Adams was charged in connection with multiple offenses including, carjacking, kidnapping, and grand theft of a motor vehicle.

The unidentified mother and her infant were released from the hospital after they were evaluated for injuries.

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