How to Adopt a Stray Dog From Sochi

An animal rights group is giving advice to Americans visiting Sochi, Russia, on how to adopt one of city's stray dogs - which the government sought to kill ahead of the Olympics.

Humane Society International advises visitors on its website to check with the Centers for Disease Control to confirm what shots dogs need before being entering the U.S., then consult with a local vet in Russia and finally contact the airline about its policies relating to traveling with a new pet.

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Hundreds of dogs have been culled in a government effort to rid the Olympics of strays. Several animal rights groups have condemned the practice, and a Russian billionaire has paid to spare the lives of many animals and remove them to local kennels.

HSI recommends three shelters at which to find strays for adoptions and lists five local vets.

The group says it could cost travelers at least $150 to make accommodations with the airlines, some of which require dogs to be shipped with cargo.