Americans Skeptical of Obama Jobs Plan Impact

Amid President Obama’s politically tinged campaign to promote his new job-creation plan, a new poll finds that few Americans think it will make a significant dent in the country’s unemployment rate, which stands at 9.1 percent.

Just one-in-six people in the latest National Journal/United Technologies poll said Obama’s $447 billion stimulus package would reduce unemployment “a lot.” One quarter of respondents said the bill, if enacted, would not affect employment levels at all.

The findings, from a survey conducted Sept. 8-11, come as Obama travels to Ohio to drum up popular support for his plan, try to leverage pressure on Congress to pass it and regain control of the narrative on the economy and jobs after weeks of dwindling approval ratings in polls.

Thirty-nine percent of Americans think Obama’s economic policies have made things worse, according to the National Journal poll. That’s nearly twice as many as those who thought Obama had made things better.

There is some silver lining in the numbers, however. Roughly half of respondents think Obama’s jobs plan would help improve employment at least “a little,” and slightly more Americans — 37 percent to 35 percent — say they still trust the president’s ideas over those offered by congressional Republicans.

The poll was conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International and has a margin of error of roughly 4 percentage points.