Veepstakes: Is Donald Trump A Contender?

ABC News' Michael Falcone reports:

So far Donald Trump's name hasn't been in the mix as one of Mitt Romney's potential vice presidential picks, but could he be a contender?

The real estate mogul and reality television star endorsed Romney relatively early - back in early February - and since then he's been a tireless campaigner for the former Massachusetts governor, holding high-dollar fundraisers (including a recent birthday party in New York City for Ann Romney), pitching in with radio interviews, and recording robo-calls in several key primary states.

"At the present time, Mr. Trump is committed to assisting Mitt Romney and ensuring that Barack Obama becomes a one term president," said Michael Cohen, special counsel at the Trump organization. "In the future, if the opportunity presents itself where Mr. Trump is offered the position of vice president, I suspect he would seriously consider it."

What would Trump bring to the ticket?

Those close to him cite business experience, charisma, his fundraising rolodex and even his own personal wealth. The recent Trump-hosted fundraiser held in honor of Mrs. Romney's birthday reportedly raised more than $600,000. Trump often won praise from Mitt and Ann Romney during primary night speeches.

Trump has also emerged as a vocal critical of President Obama and proponent of Romney on Twitter.

He recently tweeted: "We must keep the pressure on  @ BarackObama's administration to make sure Chen comes to the US. It would be a tragedy to abandon him in China" and "Our economy is at a standstill. Some are even predicting a possible double dip. We need to elect  @ MittRomney in November."

And Cohen, in an interview with ABC News, also indicated Team Trump is as ready as ever to take on an attack dog role.

"Irrespective of how much money Obama raises and how vicious the attacks against Mitt will be this time," he said, "President Obama is running on his record, which irrefutably is a failure."