Improved News360 iPad App Learns Your News Habits, Wisely Consolidates

Image credit: News360

Ask people what their favorite news app is and they might say a specific outlet's app (eh hem, ABC News) or a news aggregation app, like Flipboard or Pulse, which brings in news from different sources including your Facebook and Twitter feed. There's a lot to choose from, but News360 is now looking to stand out in crowded news app space with a totally redesigned experience.

Today the company is releasing a new iPad app, which it says has been in the works for the last year. The improved app is very nicely designed with a clean layout and grid view, but Roman Karachinsky, CEO of News360, doesn't want to be known for just beauty, like so many apps are. "The whole purpose of the new app is to feed you and connect you with what you like," he told ABC News in an interview.

Launch the app and you will select topics that you are interested in - politics, technology, health, etc. It will then feed you current news about each of those topics from different national or specialized media outlets. As you click through articles the "app will analyze what you like," says Karachinsky. For instance, if you select the science feed the app will start to understand what sort of science articles you like the best. Perhaps you like space stories more than ones about genetics or that "God particle."

A lot of attention has also been put on how the app consolidates news. "We don't want you to have to read about the same news in different articles. We combine things in one," Karachinsky added. The app wisely chooses headlines and then groups articles underneath that headline.

And that's where News360 is trying to set itself apart from its closest competitor, Flipboard. With Flipboard you can be presented with the same news a few times because of the social integration with Twitter and Facebook. But while there is social integration in News360, it's not the focus.

"We don't care about who shares what. What we care about is what you are interested in. We do a lot of work to figure out what you want," Karachinsky said.

The new app will be available starting today for free in the App Store. An Android version will follow in the next couple of weeks.