Facebook Stories: A Facebook Site With Collected Stories and Infographics

Image credit: Facebook

A lot of people - close to 950 million, in fact - are sharing their lives on Facebook. As it turns out, Facebook thinks many of them have some interesting stories. Some of them are so interesting that they could be part of an online Facebook magazine of sorts.

And that's exactly what Facebook is launching today. Facebook Stories, a site located at FacebookStories.com, collects stories around different themes. The first month's? Remembering.

"The project started as a result of our seeing a number of stories coming into the company from different channels, including stories we would read about in the media," Tucker Bounds, a Facebook spokesperson, told ABC News. "We wanted to create a place where we could celebrate great stories."

This month's Stories page features stories collected by the Facebook staff about memories shared on Facebook and about memory in general. For instance, the headline story and video on the Remembering page today are about Mayank Sharma, a man who lost his memory because of meningitis. The story tells about his life, but also mentions that he used Facebook's People You May Know feature to reconnect with friends and family.

All Facebook users can submit their own stories; Facebook will decide which ones are prominently displayed.

But the page isn't just a place to see interesting stories. Each month Facebook will create an infographic based on the theme. This month Facebook analyzed the Biggest Life Moments from Timelines. (Every user can add big life events to their Timelines from the status window.) It turns out people add more stories about travel to their Timelines than any other life event.

Click to see enlarged infographic.

According to the infographic, 42 percent of people who shared life events shared a story about travel. You can see other popular life events above; click on the image to see the infographic enlarged, or it can be viewed here.

One fun finding: 13- to 17-year-olds add more than anyone else about their new relationships and breakups to their timelines. Shocking!

The new Facebook Stories site is live for the first time today.