Facebook Launches App For Famous People

(Image Credit: Facebook)

Facebook wants to put you in touch with your favorite celebrity.

The social network launched a new app today, called "Mentions," that is available to actors, musicians and other influencers who have verified pages.

More than 800 million of Facebook's users are connected to celebrities on the website, according to the company, making an app for famous people seem like the next logical step.

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Celebs with verified pages in the United States can request access after downloading the app and administrators of verified pages can request access directly from Facebook.

After they've downloaded the app and have permission, your favorite social media savvy celeb can see what you're saying about them, join the conversation and host live question and answer sessions.

Facebook turned to a star-studded crew to help test the app, including Ed Sheeran, Mariah Carey, Tyrese Gibson and soccer player Alex Morgan.