Made in America: The Gift of Main Street

Credit: Donald and Louise Bastedo

Louise Bastedo, 67, and her husband, Donald, 70, give gifts that are intended to not only bring joy to the recipients, but boost local business too.

For years, the retired couple from Holtsville, N.Y., has bestowed gift certificates on friends and family members that they can use in the community.

“We think it’s a different type of a gift, and we get great reactions,” said Louise Bastedo. ”We like to give them a little push to walk down Main Street and maybe spend a little money elsewhere.”

The couple gives gift certificates for dog groomers, garden centers, car washes, beauty shops, spas, restaurants and more.

“They are the backbone of the community, and they are being hurt by the malls,” Louise Bastedo told ABC News. “Folks that work at these places are all struggling to make ends meet and … we’re helping out keeping someone in employment.”

Louise Bastedo believes that while American-made goods might be a little more expensive, they are worth the investment because they last longer and save American jobs.

“We’re all in this together, it’s our country,” she said. “Everybody is in this together and just one gift is not a lot to ask.”

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