Unclaimed Cash: Forget Lottery, Move to W.Va.

VIDEO: Lucky W.Va. Trucker Drives Flatbed to State Capitol for Unclaimed Money

By Gail Deutsch, Emily Whipp and Jasmine Brown

Although the $448 million Powerball jackpot is in the headlines, you don't have to play the lottery to be unexpectedly showered with cash. Especially if you live in West Virginia.

West Virginia leads the country in returning unclaimed property - money from forgotten stocks, bonds, retirement funds and the like - to its rightful owners. Each year thousands of people are reunited with long-lost cash.

Trucker Robbie Hull was one recent recipient. He drove his flatbed truck to the State Capitol to pick up his check for $25,803 - the balance of a 401(k) from years ago that he'd forgotten about - from "the Ed McMahon of West Virginia," State Treasurer John Perdue.

According to the West Virginia State Treasurer's office, more than $125 million has been returned, with more than $120 million yet to be returned. Billions more wait to be claimed in other states.

Watch "20/20: Got Luck?" Friday at 10 p.m. ET - and click here for tips to find unclaimed money!

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