'GMA' Swims With Sharks: Robin Roberts' 'Shark Tank' Pitch for Fitness Enthusiasts

VIDEO: Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran share their tips for entrepreneurs.

" Good Morning America" is swimming with the sharks of " Shark Tank," the hit ABC show that gives people one shot to sell their idea for a new product or service to the panel of business moguls.

George Stephanopoulos was the first "GMA" anchor to jump into the water, pitching "Dad-tionary," an app to help keep dads up to date on the latest lingo. Click here to see how he fared with the panel.

Amy Robach was the next to pitch her idea - the "Paw PitStop" Mat - billed as "an eco-friendly way to stop a dog's dirty paw prints at the door." Click here to see how she fared with the panel.

Ginger Zee followed with her pitch idea - "Fiery Filanges" - weather-resistant socks and glove inserts to keep your feet and your fingers warm and safe from frostbite. Click here to see how she fared with the panel.

Lara Spencer was the most recent "GMA" anchor to pitch an idea, telling the panel that her "Strong Island Iced Tea" would be a hit as a low-calorie, ready-made cocktail. Click here to see how she fared with the panel.

The sharks - Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary and Lori Greiner - held nothing back with George, Amy, Ginger and Lara.

Next up, Robin Roberts.

WATCH: Sharks Share Best Advice They Ever Got

Robin's Pitch: iBurn Fitness App

Roberts, a former college basketball star who remains an avid exerciser, pitched "iBurn Fitness," an app that allows you to find the workout you want, wherever you are, at a moment's notice.

"I've had some health issues and I've been quite frank that being active did not prevent me from getting ill but, you know what, it's helping me kick its butt," Roberts said.

"Recently, I have discovered yoga [and] while practicing pigeon [pose] with my yoga instructor, Christine, an idea came to me," she told the panel. "An app that gives people a variety of options for a workout wherever they are."

How It Works

Roberts used a real-life person, Crystal, to show the sharks how the app uses a GPS tracking system to find the workout you want closest to your current location.

"Say you are in Chicago and you want 60 minutes and, yeah, you are going to spend a little bit of anything, but you really want to max it out," Roberts said. "So, Crystal, she goes to Chicago. She puts in all this information. And what does it say? She's going to go to nearby Lincoln Park, she's going to run for 60 minutes and it doesn't cost her a thing.

"Or maybe a little yoga," Roberts said of another exercise option for Crystal. "So we find out with the app that there's a yoga studio that's less than a mile away, [costs] $20 and every hour they're having a class."

"To the sharks I say, 'Namaste,'" Roberts said, using a term of gratitude and respect.

Watch the clip above to see whether Robin sinks or swims with the sharks. Go to GoodMorningAmerica.com to vote on which "GMA" anchor "Shark Tank" product you like the best. The winner will be revealed Monday on "GMA."

The stakes are high. Our sponsor, Dell, will donate $10,000 to each of two nonprofits focused on helping entrepreneurs and small businesses in this country at the end of the series.

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