Demi Moore Reveals Her Biggest Fears, and Guilty Pleasure

Harpers Bazaar

Demi Moore has stayed mostly silent in the three months since she split from Ashton Kutcher amid rumors that he strayed during their six-year marriage, but she is holding back no longer.

The 49-year-old actress and mother of three girls opened up in the February issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine, revealing her biggest fears, her guilty pleasure  and what she wears  or does not wear, to bed.

"I prefer to sleep in the nude," she tells her friend Amanda de Cadenet in a candid conversation published in the magazine to promote their new show, "The Conversation," premiering this spring on Lifetime. Moore and de Cadenet serve as executive producers on the show, describing it  as "alternative television." It includes interviews with female A-listers like Lady Gaga and Gwyneth Paltrow, who talk about  the challenges they face in their daily lives.

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Continuing to talk about her body, Moore acknowledges she's aware of the media buzz about her  noticeably skinnier frame generated after reports of Kutcher's cheating on her with a 23-year-old student, and she's OK with it.

"I think I sit today in a place of greater acceptance of my body, and that includes not just my weight but all of the things that come with your changing body as you age to now experiencing my body as extremely thin - thin in a way that I never imagined somebody would be saying to me, "You're too thin, and you don't look good," she tells de Cadenet.

That does not mean the famously fit actress does not struggle with body issues, revealing she has a "love-hate relationship" with her body.

"When I'm at the greatest odds with my body, it's usually because I feel my body's betraying me, whether that's been in the past, struggling with my weight and feeling that I couldn't eat what I wanted to eat, or that I couldn't get my body to do what I wanted it to do," she says.

Moore announced her divorce from Kutcher, 33, in November, in a sharply worded public statement citing "certain values and vows" as a "woman, a mother and a wife" that led her to end their marriage amid reports of his infidelity.

While de Cadenet frankly admits in the interview that "infidelity scares me," Moore stays mum, but uses that conversation thread to reveal her own biggest fears.

"What scares me the most is not knowing and accepting that just about everything is not in my control," she says. "That makes me feel unsafe."

Moore took control after her split from Kutcher by vacationing solo in Hawaii and taking on new movie roles, such as  a planned stint playing Gloria Steinem in an upcoming biopic.

Still, the actress says her other fear is not having the courage to reach her full potential, which would mean not finding love again.

"I would say what scares me is that I'm going to ultimately find out at the end of my life that I'm really not lovable, that I'm not worthy of being loved.  That there's something fundamentally wrong with me," says Moore, who was previously married to actor Bruce Willis, the father of her three daughters.

Despite the personal strife and media attention, it's not all challenges for Moore, who appears to take comfort in knowing that other people lead much different, not always better, lives than hers.

When asked to reveal her guilty pleasure. Moore says, "Watching  'Jersey Shore ,' because it's such a train wreck. It's excessive behavior being rewarded, which in truth is painful to watch, but you just can't look away!"

The full interview appears in the February issue o f Haper's Bazaar , which hits newsstands Jan. 17.

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