Kate Middleton Spills Pregnancy Secrets

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has mostly stayed mum on becoming a new mom, until now.

The duchess, 31, revealed, first, that she is just like any other 21 st century mom-to-be when it comes to one of the more contentious parts of any pregnancy, picking a baby's name.

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"My friends keep texting me names," Middleton said Thursday during a visit to a homeless shelter in Glasgow, Scotland, with her husband, Prince William.

Perhaps clearing up, or purposely diverting, rumors that the royal heir-to-be is a girl after her slip of the tongue last month, Middleton said she and Prince William have a "short list of names for both [a boy and a girl]" but stopped short of giving any more clues.

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The world will have to wait until mid-July to find out both the sex and the name of the baby, as that is when the duchess confirmed Thursday she is due.

"It's around mid-July but apparently babies have their own agenda," Middleton replied to a shelter employee's inquiry about her due date, according to the UK's Mirror.

Middleton kept her baby bump hidden in a plaid, short coat but gave another hint at what's consuming her time while she awaits the birth of her first child: knitting.

When an attendee gifted the duchess with a knitted teddy bear, Middleton responded with an admission that she's not, in fact, skilled at everything.

"I've been trying to knit myself, and I'm really bad," she said.

Middleton and Prince William made the two-day trip to Scotland along with Prince Charles, with whom they appeared today to open a new outdoor sports facility for children.

The occasion gave the couple, known for their athletic prowess, the chance to show off their skills, shooting hoops on the basketball court and playing ping pong as well.

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