Miranda Kerr Spills Supermodel Beauty Secrets

VIDEO: Miranda Kerr discusses importance of "balance" when seeking a flawless complexion.

ABC News' Linsey Davis and Sandra Lee report:

How does former Victoria's Secret angel Miranda Kerr look so good around the clock?

"It's about a balance and making healthy choices when and where you can," Kerr told ABC News of the method behind her flawless complexion and physique. "If you can fill your body with the right food and nutrients, then your body will reward you."

The Australian supermodel, who rose to fame as a Victoria's Secret angel, is a believer that true beauty comes from the inside out. When she had a hard time finding organic products that matched her philosophy, she set out to create her own skin-care line.

The result is KORA Organics, her own certified organic line of skin-care products that contain ingredients from nature like aloe vera, rose hip oil and one of her all-time favorites, noni, a fruit rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that Kerr has been drinking since age 12 and credits with giving her that supermodel glow.

"Our skin is our largest organ, so why not feed it?" asked Kerr, 30.

Kerr is soaring to new heights with her skin-care line, but has closed a chapter as a Victoria's Secret angel, a role that first catapulted her into the spotlight.

"I'm not under contract with them anymore. We had such a wonderful relationship," Kerr said, adding that it was a mutual decision to sever ties.

Kerr has been busy for the last two years with her skin-care line, but also as a dedicated mom to her son, Flynn, with her husband, Orlando Bloom.

She credited losing the baby weight to eating healthy, allowing indulgences and amping up her pilates routine.

Kerr, a former gymnast, showed off her body of work in a photo posted on Instagram Sunday, which had many women asking, "How can we look like that"?

"Dry body brushing, KORA Organics citrus mist and, of course, a great razor," Kerr said, with a smile.

Kerr is a spokeswoman for the female shaving brand Gillette Venus and the face of its empowerment campaign, Step Up & Step Out."

Dry body brushing stimulates blood circulation, and exfoliation and citrus mist help to get that glow, she said.

The supermodel also turns silverware into a beauty utensil, covering her eyelashes in mascara and pinching them between her thumb and a spoon to get that perfect eyelash curl.

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