Will and Jaden Smith Discuss New Movie, Meeting the Troops

ABC News' Natasha Singh reports:

Entertainment is the Smith family business, and Will Smith and his son, Jaden, are at the top of their game.

After an appearance on "Good Morning America" Friday, the father and son, who are starring in the new movie "After Earth," flew to Fort Hood in Texas to meet the soldiers and their families.

Those who jam-packed a gymnasium at the USO-sponsored event had the chance to watch the Smiths perform and see a screening of the film.

Speaking after the performance to "GMA" special correspondent Cameron Mathison, the two talked about what it was like to work together.

"Awesome, it's fun," Jaden, 14, said. "We get to go to a lot of different places … ."

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Smith, a rapper who became a TV actor and then a mega movie star, said he appreciates the time he gets to spend with his son when they work together.

"I grew up in a family business. My family, we sold ice," Smith, 44, said. "We would bag ice and deliver it to supermarkets. Fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, everybody worked the family business, so that's the only way I know how to parent."

His son gave his full approval of his father's parenting skills, telling him, jokingly, "You're doing good, man. … I'm proud of you man. Don't let anybody ruin that."

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In "After Earth," Smith and his son play a father and son. When Mathison asked Jaden what that experience was like for him, Smith jumped in, aiming his trademark humor at his son.

"You want me to paraphrase the question for you?" he asked his son. "So like the movie, you know, it's like a great general and his son, the little kid is trying to come up in the shadow … and I'm like the super, like mega-iconic global film star and you're like a little actor trying to come up in his dad's footstep. So how does that feel for you, Jaden?"

"It's fun. I knew that I could handle it," Jaden replied, displaying his own comedic skill. "You know, I had you, my big black Yoda here with me, telling me all the things I need to know."

The duo said that being able to meet the troops meant a lot to them.

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"It's huge, it's fantastic to be able to have that opportunity to be able to give back in this way, specifically for Jaden," Smith said. "We were talking about - in the car - the concept of freedom, and what it takes, and the sacrifice that people have to make in order for Americans to enjoy the freedoms that we enjoy, and for Jaden to see it, it's fantastic. Because you can take it for granted sometimes … but not today."

In addition to Jaden, Smith has a daughter, Willow, with his wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith. Smith also has a son, Trey, from a previous marriage.

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