Prince George's Doctor Awarded Knighthood

Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images

The doctor who helped deliver Kate Middleton and Prince William's son - Prince George - has been awarded knighthood by Queen Elizabeth.

Royal surgeon and gynecologist Sir Marcus Setchell was made a Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order for his services to the royal household for more than two decades.

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In addition to delivering Prince George July 22, Setchell attended to the Duchess of Cambridge when she suffered from extreme morning sickness early in her pregnancy.

According to BBC News, Setchell also assisted with the Duchess of Cornwall's hysterectomy in 2007 and he helped save Prince Edward's wife Sophie in 2003, when she was eight months pregnant and required an emergency ceesarean section.

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Now 70, Setchell is due to retire. He had delayed his retirement to oversee the birth of Prince William and Kate's first child.

Caroline Cassells, the matron at King Edward VII's Hospital, where Middleton was treated for morning sickness, was also named Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order for her help with the Duchess of Cambridge.

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