Justin Bieber's Sage Advice From His Own Twitter Stream

As the alleged hangover wears off and the realization that he's in some deep legal trouble sets in, perhaps Justin Bieber can look to his previous Tweets for some pearls of wisdom.

It's safe to say that going from pop heart throb to jail-bird-for-a-day has probably been a challenge for Bieber. Perhaps as he sat at the Turner Guilford Knight Jail in Miami the singer remembered some other deep thoughts that inspired him to hit the retweet button.

It seems the Justin Bieber in the Miami Beach police report wasn't using much - if any - common sense. The above quote, however, tells us that common sense is a rare find, and the singer's alleged actions help prove this theory.

Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez told the Miami Herald that Bieber was incoherent at the time of his arrest after police pulled him over for drag racing. He had his hands in his pockets and resisted arrest without violence, the chief said, adding that the singer was driving with a Georgia license that expired at least six months ago.

Police also allege that Bieber cursed out the arresting officer then admitted to having beer, marijuana and prescription drugs in his system.

Bieber is now out on bail and is facing charges, but perhaps he can look to something he retweeted from his father, Jeremy Bieber, on Jan. 8 as he navigates his first serious brush with the law.

Adoring fans seem to still see the best in the singer. After his release on bail this afternoon, Bieber climbed onto a car, waved and blew kisses to them before he was driven away.

The singer hasn't yet commented on his arrest, but perhaps it was the "light" he needed to "open" his eyes.

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