Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Talk Singing With Ellen DeGeneres

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, 27, appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today to support the release of their new fragrances.

"Our brand is about duality and we wanted to be able to offer options," Mary-Kate says of why they are putting out two new fragrances, Elizabeth and James Nirvana White and Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black, instead of one.

Since entering the world of fashion, the famous " Full House" twins haven't appeared much on television. The last time the duo took to the airwaves was in 2010, also, on DeGeneres's show. Because of this circumstance, the talk show host decided to have some fun with the fashionistas.

After reading a Buzzfeed article about twins hating certain things being said to them, DeGeneres was curious to know what the Olsen twins are always asked by people.

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"For us, I think it's more like, 'Are you Mary or Kate?' or 'Are you Mary-Kate and Ashley?'" Ashley says of questions she's asked even when she's not with her twin. She usually responds with: "I'm one of 'em."

But don't expect an album from either one of them any time soon. When DeGeneres asks which of them is a better singer, Mary-Kate and Ashley look at each other, try to come up with a response and Ashley decides: "I don't think we're very good singers." Her response earned some admiration from DeGeneres.

"I admire people who know they can't sing," the talk show host said. "Some people don't know and they sing."

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