Minnie Driver Opens Up About Her Body Bullying

Credit: Michael Rozman/ Warner Bros.

Actress Minnie Driver isn't letting online bullies bring her down.

While The Ellen DeGeneres Show is usually all about the fun and the funny, when Driver stopped by, she used it as an opportunity to talk about something serious - online bullying.

The "About a Boy" actress quit Twitter for a few days in April because of "incredibly offensive" remarks she received on the social media site regarding a photo of her in a bikini.

"This was lewd, profane, incredibly offensive, sexually objectifying comments," she told Ellen DeGeneres about the tweets aimed at her. "And for me, it was all blocked, and reported, or whatever, but it was…bullying, it was absolutely, 100 percent bullying."

Even though Driver told ABC News a few weeks ago that she loved using Twitter to "answer the nonsensical rubbish that is written about" her, the rude remarks she received wasn't something she wanted to immediately respond to. The comments may have hurt a bit, but they never made her lose confidence in her body.

"I love my body," she said. "I've seen what my body has done for me in my life and it's extraordinary, particularly, mostly having my son."

She added: "All you can do in the face of that is to really reexamine just your relationship with yourself and your body and what you think. Nothing anybody else says matters."

The mean tweets were few and far between, though, and most of the users on Twitter were there to lift the actress up with an "outpouring of love" and support. But Driver realized that "those few trolls, those few voices can affect people who might not have the confidence that" she has and must stand up for those people.

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