Keira Knightley Reveals What Her Teenage Years Were Really Like

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Far from the exciting life she leads now as a Hollywood movie star, Keira Knightley confessed that her teenage years were actually quite "boring."

"I didn't get into any [trouble]," she told her co-star Sam Rockwell when the pair filmed a game of 20 questions to publicize their new film "Laggies." "That's the most boring thing in the entire world."

While describing herself as "neurotic" at age 16, Knightley, 29, admitted that she didn't cut a single class.

"I was absolutely a goody two-shoes," she said.

To which, Rockwell, 45, a self-professed teen "dweeb, geek," cracked, "I was barely in school."

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In "Laggies," which opens in theaters on Oct. 24, Knightley plays a young woman who befriends a teenager, played by Chloe Grace Moretz, after she panics when her boyfriend proposes. Knightley's character spends a week hanging out with the high schooler and her single dad, played by Rockwell.

When Knightley asked Rockwell what he would do if he could run away from his life for a week, the actor replied he'd go to his hometown San Francisco and "drink beer and eat cheese [and] different kinds of meat."

Knightley said she'd also booze it up.

"I'd go to a vineyard, probably in Burgundy, and I'd sit there and drink an awful lot of really good wine," she said. "Maybe your cheese and meat thing might come along."

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