Nov. 10: Marine Corps’ Birthday; ‘Sesame Street’ Anniversary

VIDEO: Marine Corps Museum Opens

1775 U.S. Marine Corps Created

The United States Marine Corps was created during the American Revolution when the Continental Congress passed a resolution drafted by John Adams.  This division of the armed forces works closely with the Navy.

Here is video from 2006, when President Bush attended the dedication ceremony for the Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, Va.:




1969 ‘Sesame Street’ Debuts

Sesame Street” has become a staple in children’s television, blending entertainment and education through use of puppets, animation, live action and music.  “Nightline” traveled to “Sesame Street” for a behind-the-scenes look at the long-running show for its 40th anniversary in 2009.



1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall

Peter Jennings reported from Berlin the night after the border between East and West Germany was opened.



Famous Birthdays

1956 Sinbad

1959 Mackenzie Phillips

1970 Warren G.

1977 Brittany Murphy

1978 Eve

1980 Troy Bell

1981 Jason L. Dunham

1982 Heather Matarazzo

1983 Miranda Lambert

1983 Craig Smith


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