Jan. 12: Military Force in the Gulf 1991; Haiti Earthquake 2010

VIDEO: Military Force in the Gulf

1991 U.S. Military Force in the Gulf Authorized

After talks failed to reach a resolution, Congress authorized the use of military force to liberate Kuwait from Iraq.

1995 Malcom X's Daughter Arrested

Malcom X's daughter, Qubilah Shabazz, was accused of plotting to murder Louis Farrakhan.  Shabazz believed that Farrakhan was responsible for her father's assassination, and sought to hire someone to kill him.

2010 Earthquake in Haiti

On Jan. 12, the first reports of massive damage from a 7.0  earthquake near Port au Prince, Haiti, began to come in.

A "Nightline " report from the day after the quake, Jan. 13, 2010, showed the rescue efforts and desperate need for aid in Haiti.  Many homes completely collapsed, and fire further damaged the wreckage.  Over 300,000 people died, and almost 900,000 were left homeless after the earthquake.

Famous Birthdays

1951 Kirstie Alley

1951 Rush Limbaugh

1958 Christiane Amanpour

1960 Oliver Platt

1965 Rob Zombie

1968 Heather Mills

1969 Margaret Nagle

1970 Raekwon

1970 Zack de la Rocha

1974 Mel C

1988 Andrew Lawrence

1987 Naya Rivera

1998 Nathan Gamble

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