This Week on “20/20?: A Rare Look Inside the Secret World of a Polygamous Family with One Husband, Three Wives and 24 Kids; Tune-in Friday, Nov. 18 at 10PM

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Plus A Brian Ross Exclusive Investigation: The Safety of Eggs; And Television Superstar Tim Allen

Most polygamous families don’t share their lifestyle with the outside world for fear of prosecution, discrimination and being shunned by their neighbors and the community – that is, until now. For the first time, the entire Darger family of Salt Lake City welcomes “20/20? into their polygamous home, risking prosecution to make their case for the right to freely practice their religion.   Joe Darger, 42, has three wives and 24 children – but his family does not fit the stereotype of polygamists who wear 19 th-century clothing and cut themselves off from the “evils” of mainstream society.  They are attractive, outgoing, educated and have successfully blended into today’s society with their children going to public schools and hanging out with non-polygamous friends and families.  Elizabeth Vargas interviews Joe and his wives, Alina, Vicki and Val about their lifestyle, their faith and their decision to talk now. Vargas also speaks to their children about growing up in a huge family with multiple moms, and as they struggle with their faith as they become young adults. “20/20? airs on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

And: Where does breakfast come from?  A year and a half after a nationwide health scare about the safety of eggs, an ABC News “20/20? exclusive provides a rare look into a huge agricultural company that provides eggs to McDonald’s and major grocery store chains. Undercover video shows animal cruelty and questionable sanitary conditions.  The company tells ABC News Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross that “sanitation is the highest priority”  even as the FDA prepared a rare company-wide crackdown for what inspectors call “serious violations” of rules designed to prevent the spread of salmonella. And McDonald’s reacted very strongly to our report, telling “20/20? that they put the offending supplier on “disciplinary probation until further notice” demanding all management and production employees at Sparboe chicken plants be retrained so that what was caught on tape never happens again.

Plus: Can Tim Allen reclaim his spot as America’s favorite chauvinist? Elizabeth Vargas interviews one of television’s biggest stars as he returns to his comedy comfort zone of the ultra masculine guy utterly perplexed by the women in his life.

“20/20? is anchored by Elizabeth Vargas and Chris Cuomo. David Sloan is executive producer.

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