Chicago Man Charged for Facebook Photo of Bound Child

VIDEO: Chicago man allegedly posted a photograph of his daughter bound with tape.

Chicago Police are investigating a Facebook photo posted by Andre Curry, 21, of his daughter apparently bound with tape. (Facebook)

A Chicago man, Andre Curry, has been charged with aggravated domestic battery for posting a Facebook photo of his little girl bound with tape.

"Curry used painters tape to bind his 1-year-old daughter's wrists, ankles and mouth, and placed a photograph on Facebook," according to the Chicago Police Department.

Curry, 21, posted the image with the caption, "This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back ; )"

Curry was arrested on Tuesday evening for the felony charge. He was held in jail overnight and a judge set bond for him at $100,000 on Wednesday afternoon.The judge also ordered that Curry have no contact with his daughter or use the Internet while under investigation, according to the Associated Press.

Andre Curry, 21, charged with aggravated domestic battery, is seen in this mugshot provided by the Chicago Police Department. (Photo courtesy: Chicago Police Department)

Assistant Public Defender Anand Sundaram said that Curry was playing with his daughter and not trying to hurt her, according to the Associated Press.

A police spokesman said the little girl is in the custody of Curry's mother, but it is unclear whether this was a result of the police investigation. The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services is also involved in the investigation.

Mike Sullivan, a spokesman for the Chicago Police Department, said the incident is "still being investigated."

Sullivan said the photo was brought to the police's attention a few days ago when the media notified them, though it was posted in July.

Curry could not be reached for comment.

Curry has since taken the Facebook page down, said Sullivan, but police are trying to contact Facebook for a copy of the page. Sullivan said detectives have spoken to Curry, and that the investigation is ongoing.

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