ABC News Announces The Latest Installment of "Money Trail" Reports

The Award-Winning Series of Reports on Influence of Money in Politics Led By ABC's Brian Ross

ABC News investigates the behind-the-scenes intersections of money and politics at the Republican and Democratic national conventions with its " Money Trail" series. The award-winning series of reports led by ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross tracks how the powerful and wealthy do business in what has been called the engine of corruption in American politics. Author and Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig describes the scene to ABC News as "plain sight influence-peddling on a scale never previously seen. There's no shame in what they're doing. There is pride."

Reports from both the RNC and DNC will appear across all ABC News broadcasts and platforms including "Good Morning America," "World News with Diane Sawyer," and "Nightline" as well as on and Yahoo! News. The first report " Secret 'Menu' Details Perks for Big Democratic Donors " is currently posted on

Ross and the ABC investigative team first launched the Emmy award-winning "Money Trail" series at the 1996 conventions.

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