What's That Stingray Doing in Our Family Photo?

Emily Inman/ SWNS

Sometimes father and son photos are so cute that even a stingray wants in.

That was the case last week at the Deep Aquarium in Hull, Yorkshire, England, when a stingray popped up behind Robert Inman and his 2-year-old son, Raphael, and seemingly even smiled for the camera.

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Inman and his family, including his wife, Emily Inman, visited the aquarium to celebrate Robert's 30 th birthday, the couple told their local newspaper, The Lincolnshire Echo.

After spending the day watching their son "enjoying the fish" and capturing it all on camera, the Inmans only noticed the sea-life photobomb once they got home.

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"I took three in a row and deleted one before noticing this," said Emily Inman, 26. "We were in stitches."

The photo quickly went viral and Emily, who told the newspaper she has nicknamed the stingray "Ray," says any accusations that the photo was staged are false.

"I don't have that much time on my hands to pretend to have taken a picture," she said. "This is completely genuine and perfectly timed."

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