Liquid Lunch? PB&J Vodka Taste Test

                                                                                              (Image credit: Van Gogh Vodka)

When we heard Van Gogh Vodka had harnessed a lunchtime favorite into liquid form, we were curious.  Did it taste like the brown bag PB&J we know and love?  Or did it taste artificial, like many of the new flavored vodkas that have filled liquor store shelves?

The consensus:  a bit of the former and a bit of the latter.

When we opened the bottle, we took a sniff to see what we were in for: it smelled just like peanuts.  Our tasters tried a sip and found the vodka's finish was smooth and extremely sweet, with more added sugar than we anticipated.  While the initial sip had the nuttiness of peanut butter, it finished unexpectedly smooth with a slight hint of raspberry jelly.

We blended the vodka into an adults-only ice cream milkshake complete with bananas, additional peanut butter and vanilla ice cream.  The vodka was a bit drowned out by the additional peanut butter and other flavors.  In this case, it could have probably been replaced with an unflavored variety.

The company's description wasn't too far off from our experience, although we missed the vanilla flavor completely:  "While the fragrance is predominantly of peanuts, it is complemented by the fresh fruit aroma of the raspberry.  On the tongue, the roles are reversed and the raspberry flavor is more of the focal point, giving it a velvety texture with a hint of vanilla on the side."

Van Gogh Vodka is known for its flavors like Dutch Caramel, Dutch Chocolate and Double Espresso.

A 750mL bottle of the Vodka retails for $27.

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