Christmas 'Duck Dynasty' Style: The Robertson Family's Favorite Recipes

VIDEO: The cast of the hit show share treats from the new cookbook "Miss Kays Duck Commander Kitchen."

Eat like America's favorite reality TV family this holiday, but don't be surprised if you put on a few pounds in the process, Miss Kay Robertson, matriarch and chef of the "Duck Dynasty" clan, admits. The Robertson's of "Duck Dynasty" stopped by " Good Morning America" to share their go-to recipes from their cookbook, "Miss Kay's Duck Commander Kitchen," to make at home.

The family kicked things off with their recipe for duck and dressing, which roasts a whole duck over a hearty cornbread and cracker dressing.

"We're not losing weight on this meal," Miss Kay admitted.

Next up were Willie's famous armadillo eggs. "This is low-fat," Willie joked. "It only has sausage, bacon and cream cheese." These meat-wrapped jalapeño poppers are grilled for crunch and smoky flavor, and then finished off in the oven.

Duck Dynasty family recipe for armadillo eggs.

Jase and his wife Missy took the reins next with a banana pudding. "If you didn't get enough fat from the sausage and the bacon and the butter," Missy quipped, "There are two sticks of butter in this and two cups of sugar to start off with."

The banana pudding is a no-cook recipe, and Jase shared its secret. "That's lemon juice - you dip [the bananas] in there so they don't turn brown," he said.

Duck Dynasty family recipe for banana pudding.

Miss Kay attempted to make things healthier with Aunt Judy's cranberry salad. "It is a salad!" Miss Kay insisted of the dessert dish with marshmallows and whipped topping.

Duck Dynasty family recipe for cranberry salad.

Willie quickly cut off any of her healthy claims. "But what you really want is the cheesy bread right here," he said of his recipe for crazy bread. "This is more bacon on top of French bread with a little butter and olive oil with garlic and you toast it."

To see how the Robertson's celebrate the holiday season outside the kitchen, tune in to A&E on Wednesday, December 11 at 10/9 p.m. central for the Duck Dynasty Christmas Special.

Get the recipes below:

Duck and Dressing

Willie's Armadillo Eggs

Banana Pudding

Aunt Judy's Cranberry Salad

Willie's Crazy Bread

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