Health Care Advocate: Cheering Death of Uninsured ‘Shocking’

VIDEO: Advocate:Cheering Death of Uninsured Is Shocking

The moment at the last Republican presidential debate where audience members cheered the hypothetical death of a young man without health insurance inspired a new campaign to press the GOP candidates – Let Him Die? – along with a new TV ad campaign launched by the advocacy group Protect Your Care.

On ABC’s “Top Line” today, Eddie Vale of Protect Your Care told us from Orlando, Fla. – the site of tonight’s debate — that it’s valid to ask the candidates if they agree with the tea party-heavy crowd from the last debate.

“The strange thing was, they actually applauded for somebody to die,” Vale said. “It’s was surprising and shocking that the candidates on stage just stood there on stage and didn’t say anything negative about it.”

Vale also kept up his tongue-in-cheek praise for Mitt Romney’s health care plan, joking that he’s ready to apply for a job there: “They probably pay pretty well – maybe they can get me up into the middle class.”

Also today, ABC’s Jonathan Karl took Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, for a ride about the “Subway Series” – with some interesting comments on President Obama’s tax plan, plus why he’s not ready to endorse his home-state governor, Rick Perry, in the presidential race.

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