Obama Stops For Lunch At Reid’s House in North Carolina

On his way to Virginia, President Obama made one final bus tour stop in North Carolina , dropping by Reid’s House Restaurant in Reidsville for lunch.

Obama walked into the packed diner to cheers from the crowd and went straight to greeting customers.

“Looks like the food must be pretty good here?” he said. “Yeah!” the group collectively shouted in response.

The president spent time greeting all of the diners in the one room roadside restaurant, talking with them about their jobs and businesses and, of course, what they were having for lunch.

“Now you ate all your biscuits before you had dessert, right?” the president asked one man.

Obama also met a couple that has been married for 59 years.

“She was underage when you married her… Michelle and I have been married for 19. We’ve got 40 to go to catch up to you.”

“This is Reid himself,” Obama exclaimed as he met the restaurant’s namesake. “So nice to meet you, sir.”

“Where do I put my order?” the president asked as he took a seat at the end of the bar. Obama reportedly had a cheeseburger, fries and a sweet tea.

Reid’s House boasts the “best food in town.” Specials today include spaghetti with Texas toast and roast beef with gravy.

Afterward Obama worked the ropeline outside, shaking hands and posing for photos before boarding the bus for Virginia.

Read more about the president’s road trip from his interview with ABC News’ Jake Tapper.


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