Missing on Romney’s New York Supporter List: Giuliani

Mitt Romney announced the support of 45 New York Republicans today, but the list doesn't include one of the more notable and prominent leaders from the Empire State: Rudy Giuliani.

It's unclear whether the Romney campaign tried to get the former New York City mayor's endorsement. While Romney has praised him, Giuliani hasn't returned the niceties.

Two weeks ago, Romney spoke warmly of Giuliani to a group of Jewish Republicans in Washington.

"I was just in New York, and we drove around the city, and the people remarked, what a beautiful city New York has become thanks to Rudy Giuliani," Romney said. He added that "you see, on occasion, a person of strength that stands for principles, and when that occurs, you see that positive outcome, you see it in New York City, and you see the opposite of that when you  see the world today."

But the next week, Giuliani went on "Morning Joe" and made his feelings about Romney no secret. Citing Romney's stances on abortion and on health care, Giuliani said he's "never seen a guy change his positions on so many things, so fast, on a dime."

The Romney campaign hasn't responded to the question of whether it tried to get Giuliani's support.

The list of New York supporters includes two members of Congress (Michael Grimm and Nan Hayworth), four former members of Congress and a host of county executives, sheriffs and officials.

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