Fehrnstrom: Romney Wouldn't Have Slow-Jammed

You won't see Mitt Romney slow-jamming to student-loan news anytime soon.

President Obama grooved to the smooth musical stylings of The Roots this week, talking student loans with the late-night host as he campaigned to prevent an interest-rate hike. Senior Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom suggested today that Obama had made light of the economic pains young people face.

"I think late-night is a great place to reach people who aren't usually tuned into politics, and the governor likes to have a laugh just like anybody else," Fehrnstrom said at a Washington Post Live Q&A event in Washington, D.C., when asked by the Post's Dan Balz about any upcoming Romney late-night TV plans.

"I do think there was something a little bit off-key about the president slow-jamming and appearing to make light of the fact that students are struggling, whether it's with the loans that they carry when they graduate, or the fact that they're graduating into an uncertain job market," Fehrnstrom said.

"I don't think it's something to slow-jam about or to make light of. I think if that skit was brought to the governor he would have declined it," he said. "We'll probably do [late-night TV] again, but you won't see the governor slow-jamming."

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