All 5 Romney Sons Make a Late-Night Appearance

All five Romney brothers - Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben and Craig - made a rare public appearance together Wednesday evening in an even rarer venue: late-night television.

On "Conan," all five of Mitt and Ann Romney's sons sat down with Conan O'Brien and revealed they are worried about how their lives will change if their father makes it to the White House.

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"We're nervous about it," Josh Romney said. "I mean, it's one of those things. I mean, our lives are pretty good as they are. It's one of those things where we recognize it's good for the country for our dad to run but not necessarily good for us, so we are going to try and keep our lives as normal as consistent as they can possibly be over the next few years."

Josh Romney mulled a public life, himself, considering running for office in Utah, where he now lives, considering running for a House seat and lieutenant governor, but ultimately deciding against both.

O'Brien then asked all five if they were reluctant this time around to sign on to another grueling campaign.

Mitt Romney's wife, Ann, likes to repeat on the stump that before the 2008 run for president all five sons and all five daughters-in-law were on board, while this time only she and the eldest son, Tagg, encouraged their husband and father to run.

"We knew what we were getting into this time, so we were definitely more hesitant," Josh Romney said, before Matt agreed saying he was "really reluctant."

"I didn't want him to do it," Matt Romney said. "I tried to convince him not to do it. I think there were a few of us who tried that. I know you didn't (gesturing to Tagg), but I just felt like, for us as a family, this isn't the best thing. But, as Josh said, for the country we think it's the right thing."

Ben Romney, the only fair-haired son and perhaps the least likely to hit the campaign trail for his father or send out a fundraising mail like the others, got the biggest laugh when he interjected, "As you can probably tell, I love the limelight so I was really-"

Loud laughter, mostly from the host, drowned him out.

Mitt Romney has made two late night appearances during the campaign: he delivered the Top 10 list on "Late Night with David Letterman" this fall and made a stop on Jay Leno's couch in March. His rival during the campaign Rick Santorum also chatted with Jay Leno, after he had left the race, and President Obama famously "slow jammed" the news with Jimmy Fallon in April.

While comedians regularly make light of the presumptive GOP nominee"s words and demeanor, the Romney sons have also made for comedic fodder themselves. "Saturday Night Live" mocked the brothers with a skit earlier this year, poking at their clean-cut and often similar appearances and wholesome backgrounds.

When the five brothers took the stage Conan gave them all name tags saying, "I honestly don't know who's who and I've been looking at your pictures for days."

The host showed a photo of the entire Romney clan, including all 18 grandchildren, and quipped there must be a "global khaki shortage" when they get together.

He asked them if they minded being called the "Romney boys," because it sounded like a boy band, before asking the five sons if one of them was really a girl being raised as a boy. The brothers laughed and Josh looked at Ben, again the son with the lowest of profiles," and teased him saying, "Ben, do you want to take this one?

Conan responded, "Ben! Sold out immediately" while the brothers (including Ben) howled.

The sons, who range from age 30 to 42, have campaigned alongside their father at events and made solo appearances to stump on behalf of their dad. On Sunday, Craig and Matt Romney, along with some of their children, joined Mitt Romney at a Father's Day breakfast in Brunswick, Ohio.

In the 2008 campaign, the Romney sons had a much more visible presence on the trail. They took the wheel of an RV with the words, "Five Brothers Bus," plastered across its side to travel the country on behalf of their father. They also chronicled their campaign adventures on the "Five Brothers" blog and Josh Romney even visited all 99 counties of Iowa on behalf of his father.

On Father's Day Sunday, the Romney fivesome made a video honoring their father, calling him a "goofball" and talking about his "legendary pranks." The Romney sons often try to relay a softer, lively side of their father, who some consider to be stiff at times, and their late night show appearance was no different offering an opportunity to humanize their father and tell some lighter stories including of the pranks he loves to pull.

During the break, Conan brought in three "replacement" brothers, one wearing a sweater vest ( made famous by their father's primary opponent Santorum). One brother quipped, "The sweater vest is a nice touch!"

The host ended the segment with a string of True and False questions. The most notable and the ones that received the loudest laughs were, "Your dad's hair is chiseled from important African mahogany." The sons replied yes. The last question from Conan: "When your dad is feeling under the weather you call Dell tech support?" That would just received laughter in response.

The segment ended with Conan explaining how the appearance came about (all five rarely publicly appear together) and the host said he bumped into Josh in an airport security line and realized he wanted to get to know the family better.

ABC News' Arlette Saenz contributed to this report.

This post was updated after The Conan Show aired.

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