PM Note: Biden's NRA Meeting Doesn't Go Well, Sessions Opposes Lew Already, Grandpa Rick Perry

Ted Oberg @tedoberg - @GovernorPerry to be a grandpa. Told us today at capitol. It's not all we talked about.The gift he wants to give you on @abc13houston @ 6.

Pastor Backs Out of Obama Inauguration Over Previous Anti-Gay Comments-Rev. Louie Giglio, who had been announced as the pastor to give the invocation at the presidential inauguration, has now pulled himself out of the ceremony, after criticism of his previous anti-gay comments and actions, sources confirmed to ABC News. (Jonathan Karl)

That Didn't Go Well - After meeting with Joe Biden, the NRA said in a statement that his effort to suggest new ways to curb gun violence amounted to an "attack" on the Second Amendment. Biden also suggested that tweaks to background checks could be included in the list of recommendations he'll present to President Obama on Tuesday -

Obama Elevates 'Low-Key' Lew to Treasury Post - Facing a brewing fight over the debt ceiling and spending cuts, President Obama today tapped his chief of staff Jack Lew to be the next Treasury Secretary, elevating a close confidante and trusted adviser to leading economic voice for the administration's second term. (Mary Bruce and Devin Dwyer)

Obama Jokes About Jack Lew's Loopy Signature- . (Arlette Saenz)

Sessions - "To confirm Mr. Lew would be to acquiesce in a policy of dishonesty to the American people. For me, no mea culpa, no excuse, can erase the errors of Mr. Lew."

Jeff Sessions can't forgive Lew for testifying before Congress that President Obama's budget wouldn't add to the deficit.

Where Are All the Women At?- George Stephanopoulos takes viewer questions on the president's all male (so far) second-term cabinet picks - "I would expect you to see more women named to the cabinet in coming days." -

Flip Side- National Journal's Matt Cooper takes a different (and interesting) take on the diversity debate from Matt Cooper -

Chuck Hagel can be dismissed as a white guy - or seen as the first infantry soldier to be chosen to sit atop the Pentagon and the only conservative Republican in a Democratic Cabinet, a more cautious voice in a sea of interventionists. Seeing him just as a component of racial and gender statistics seems more than a little shortsighted.

Look at the Supreme Court. Obama appointed two women to the bench, which thrilled women's groups, as it should. But the chamber now lacks any elected officials and any Protestants or veterans, which it had before. And new groups have been ignored. Where's the Asian justice?

Ex Presidents - Obama Renews Lifetime Secret Service Protection - (Ann Compton)

Math is on Hagel's Side - Y! News Chris Moody -

A Penny for Thoughts from Matt Ylesias in Slate - ""a $20 bill is much more valuable than a $1 bill just because"

Richard N. Haass Answers 8 Questions 'This Week'- This week, we asked Richard N. Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, to answer eight questions for us about the "fiscal cliff," Israel, President Obama's recent cabinet nominations and more. Bell)

Flag Stomping Could Cost South Carolina Teacher His Job-Scott Compton, a South Carolina high school teacher, is facing possible dismissal by his school board for stomping on an American flag in three of his classes last month. (Jilian Fama)

Petition Aims to Stop 'Gun Appreciation Day' - As Vice President Joe Biden's working group prepares to deliver gun-control recommendations to the president, a national day to celebrate guns is stirring up controversy. Good)

What's Your Verdict: Should Obama Release Photos Of Bin Laden's Dead Body? - There are 52 pictures and videos of Osama Bin Laden after he was killed. Should we be able to see them? (Ariane de Vogue)

Who is Jack Lew? Meet Obama's Treasury Nominee-Jack Lew, President Obama's nominee to replace outgoing Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, is no stranger to Washington politics. (Elizabeth Hartfield)

Obama Picks Lincoln, MLK Bibles for Inauguration-On the day of the Inaugural ceremony, President Obama will take the oath of office on two historic Bibles-one that belonged to Abe Lincoln and the other to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Sarah Parnass)

Despite Face Tattoo Vladimir Franz Is Presidential Contender-When the candidates for president of the Czech Republic meet in a televised debate tonight, by far the most colorful contender will be Vladimir Franz. His entire head is tattooed. (Jilian Fama)

Colo. Teens To Drink With Parental Supervision-The state of Colorado will shift its focus away from recently legalized marijuana and toward underage drinking… with supervision that is. Republican Senator Greg Brophy from Wray, Colorado hopes to propose a new law that would allow 18-year-olds to drink alcohol at bars and restaurants with parental supervision. (Jilian Fama)

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