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Halle Berry shouts 'I'm in menopause' on Capitol Hill as she fights for funding to improve women's care
By Mariam Khan and Katie Kindelan
May 2, 2024 Story from GMA Mariam Khan, Katie Kindelan , ABC News
House quickly kills Marjorie Taylor Greene's effort to oust Speaker Johnson
By Mariam Khan and Lauren Peller
May 8, 2024 Story from Politics Mariam Khan, Lauren Peller , ABC News
Sen. Bob Menendez declares innocence on Senate floor
By Mariam Khan
January 9, 2024 Story from Politics Mariam Khan , ABC News
Senate passes short-term funding bill to avert government shutdown
By Lauren Peller, Mariam Khan and John Parkinson
March 1, 2024 Story from Politics Lauren Peller, Mariam Khan, John Parkinson , ABC News
Tim Scott joins the 2024 Republican race for president
By Libby Cathey, Mariam Khan and Will McDuffie
May 22, 2023 Story from Politics Libby Cathey, Mariam Khan, Will McDuffie , ABC News
House heads into holiday recess with long to-do list left undone
By Sarah Beth Hensley , Mariam Khan and Allison Pecorin
December 14, 2023 Story from Politics Sarah Beth Hensley, Mariam Khan, Allison Pecorin , ABC News
Schumer on $95B Ukraine-Israel aid bill: 'It's time to get the job done'
By Mariam Khan
February 12, 2024 Story from Politics Mariam Khan , ABC News
McConnell to step down as Senate GOP leader after nearly two decades
By Rachel Scott, Alexandra Hutzler and Mariam Khan
February 28, 2024 Story from Politics Rachel Scott, Alexandra Hutzler, Mariam Khan , ABC News
House Speaker Johnson calls Greene's move to oust him a 'distraction' for Republicans
By Mariam Khan
April 1, 2024 Story from Politics Mariam Khan , ABC News
Tempers flare at Capitol as McCarthy denies elbowing colleague, senator challenges witness to fight
By Rachel Scott and Mariam Khan
November 14, 2023 Story from Politics Rachel Scott, Mariam Khan , ABC News
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