Johnny Cash's Son Authors Children's Book

John Carter Cash announces new book and the release of the Johnny Cash stamp.
3:53 | 05/31/13

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Transcript for Johnny Cash's Son Authors Children's Book
He hails from one of music's most iconic -- -- the only son of June Carter and Johnny -- He's a Grammy Award winning record producer in his own right and also went off there. With -- children's books his mom's biography and a memoir highlighting his relationship with his famous father under his belt. John Carter cash is now getting into the world of children's fantasy novels with his debut of lupus wrapped and he's here to give us a sneak peek. John Carter cash welcome to -- you -- yeah thanks so much congratulations. On your first. Foray into -- correct. Yes it is it's my first level of lupus Rex really excited about and in doing -- It's it's you know it's a tale of struggle I mean there's there's it's. Bloodshed and battle and whatnot you know but it's more like washing down them right you know it's a visit up and inspire you -- didn't have yet what -- down on this a couple of other books that that I read within the genre -- called the book of the dun cow but definitely inspired but. Not actually my little girl truly inspired the book she's eleven years old her name's Anna Anna bell -- -- radar yes she is it's why we were driving to school Monday and she said what to hawks heat and sort of uncomfortably and answered most often. Furry animals without. And it inspired me. Right initially to write this there's a thousand -- appointment book. And when I finish the point -- systems at the beginning of the story instead of it and so that just opened the -- in my creative -- my father also John. Have this great love of nature and profits and when I was young you know. If there -- no -- -- in your book inspired by -- father if you let you know about it that there -- there's a sage elder Quayle that may be you know has some -- my -- characteristics. Definitely -- but it's pure creativity you know just just came from that well of creativity. Who knows where that stories come from. Do you think it'll it'll -- a -- they're hoping to do more are of these character bar you know maybe with in this realm but. It's it's really in the book it's really just a standalone story. I mean when it's when it's finished it's not leave enough for part two and three acknowledge it's not a trilogy it's a standalone -- right -- Absolutely beautiful cover art as well as want to ask you because you did write a memoir. About your mother and that was turned into a film recently and how involved were you in that process play -- and love. When was the name of the book -- and yes it was turned into a film starring Huelsman mother. June Carter Cash and I was in I'm -- -- some just talking to her and just you know. And and then a worked in the script quite a -- -- because only make sure -- And but yet it was it was lot of fun and I think you -- really dedicated herself to studying. And she did a great -- and yet. And of course you had -- producer credit on line and one wireline and well in what -- that process like well that was interesting I've worked in the script. And -- work some with the stars and what. You know they're there again you just keep you won't you want to sort of make sure that the honor that that that -- heritage is being honored correctly. And that's you know. What what we've been doing as Johnny Cash. Stamp release a Postal Service but very exciting to Johnny -- stamp on June. And -- -- next week and -- green and white heritage you have indeed more books in your future mark -- yeah yeah I'm working on another novel and and then we'll -- I just finished a screenplay -- always doing something creatively -- congratulations again to you John Carter cash for -- six and I you've been doing -- again the book is called -- -- and hits the shelves June 4 perfect. For summer reading thanks so much for coming -- -- Thank you.

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{"id":19299652,"title":"Johnny Cash's Son Authors Children's Book","duration":"3:53","description":"John Carter Cash announces new book and the release of the Johnny Cash stamp.","url":"/Entertainment/video/john-carter-cash-preserving-family-history-19299652","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}