Kelly Marie Tran talks new film, 'Raya and the Last Dragon'

The "Star Wars" star lends her voice to the first Southeast Asian Disney princess in the new animated film.
3:51 | 02/24/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kelly Marie Tran talks new film, 'Raya and the Last Dragon'
Please, let this be it. What were you thinking? Focus. Eyes forward. Good boy. You're so easily distracted. Sneak peek at the brand-new film "Raya and the last dragon." You may know the voice, Kelly Marie Tran. I got so caught up in that, I forgot we were doing the show. We loved her in "Star wars" and now she's bringing us Disney's first southeast Asian princess. She is joining us live now. Good morning, Kelly. It is so great to see you. Good morning. Congratulations. Oh, my gosh. Congratulations on raya. I saw the big billboard in times square and got excited for it. You were the first asian-american lead in a "Star wars" film, now the first southeast Asian Disney princess. What does it feel like? How special is that for you? Oh, my gosh. It is so special. Yeah, it's crazy. I was just watching that clip as you were playing it and I was like, I can't believe this is my voice. It feels insane, it feels like a crazy dream. It's wild to be part of this thing that is so much bigger than me that has so much legacy behind it and that I'm just really grateful, excited to share it with the world. You are so incredibly humble. We know that the film because of the pandemic, you had to do a lot of filming at home so tell us, that had to be an interesting setup. It was definitely interesting. Yes, so my boyfriend had basically -- there you go. We basically taped a bunch of sound blankets onto the wall and that was the voiceover booth that we created. It was basically like a little makeshift fort and that's where a majority of the film was recorded. We know awkwafina is in it too. She was here last week. She cannot wait to hang out with you when it is safe to do so, she said. We have fomo. We'll miss out on that. What would a perfect day with awkwafina look like? Oh, my gosh. Well, first of all, I just love her so much. She's so talented but just like an amazing human and I absolutely agree. I would love to hang out with her. I feel like I would love to just hang out in our pjs and watch old '90s movies and like get slurpees or something. I feel like that would be really great. That does sound like a fun day. We hear that maybe when this is all passed you might be seen in Walt Disney world as -- Listen, I have pitched this idea to Disney. I'm sure sure if they'll let me do it but I'm dying to walk around one of the Disney parks in a raya costume and pretend I'm one of the normal characters working there. Well, I think that can be arranged. We've got an in at Disney so we'll put in a good word for you. But how are your youngest family members reacting to this role and your action figure that you have? Oh, my gosh. So I have a bunch of young cousins and wish they thought it was cool but they think I'm the most uncool person so they're not very impressed by me at all, unfortunately. I find that very hard to imagine. Yeah, I wish. I wish I was cooler to them but, yeah, no. Just that simple. No. Not cool. We can't wait to see "Raya and the last dragon." Kelly Marie, thanks for being on. It premieres March 5th. How this hero is being

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"The \"Star Wars\" star lends her voice to the first Southeast Asian Disney princess in the new animated film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76083755","title":"Kelly Marie Tran talks new film, 'Raya and the Last Dragon'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/kelly-marie-tran-talks-film-raya-dragon-76083755"}