'Sharp Objects' star Patricia Clarkson calls characters 'tragic figures'

The actress talked about the new HBO miniseries with co-star Amy Adams and described the "dark journey" they go on as mother and daughter.
5:15 | 07/04/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Sharp Objects' star Patricia Clarkson calls characters 'tragic figures'
Welcome Bao "Gma" and want to thank you for kicking your indepene day with us and we are kicking this half hourh credible guest, two-time emmyyo know her from "Easy a" and starring in "Sharp objects. Please welcome pcia Clarkson. Welcome. Welcome.thank you for coming. You sitre. Musical cheers. A the really margaritas somewh Only for bears That wa case of false sizer. So nice to meet you. I've seen Y in so many years so nice to meet you. You'regreat. Thank very much. Thank you. Thank you. I mean that what are you doing day? I'm having some people over to my apartment for hot dogs and rose. A nicecombination. I'll give you Ula's email adds and mine. Please, come. I'll bri hburgers. O the new is on HBO. Laime you did an HBO Serie "Six feet Der." You won two emmys for that. We ask where might those emmys be? Sadly used to --eep my emmys on the floor anoth my desk and a very famousson told me, Y, if you don't honor your honors you'ller be honored again. And so I stuck them up high on a elf and now I have light on them. Honor your honors. Like that. "Six feet under" is one of the best TV S ever made. T you. I absolutely loved it. En you thinkack your work in that show which was excellent, what comes to mind? The remarkable pe I got to work with every day. That extraordinary cast D, you kn, the gat kathyates and Francis oy. Th used to call us the three tenorsn we would work together and gets three tenors out here and it was just - the wng was so glorious.it was anhonor, privilege, to say those. Let's talbout "Arp objects based on novel B the best-selling AUT Gillian Flynn. You mht know her from "Gone girl." You play Amy Adams' character's mother. E hardest scenesor her were the hardest for. Absolu. We are rat tragic figure think. A very difficult, dark but has R and it's very sexy at times but it a dark journey and Amy and I are a mother and daughter as M of you go at it and let the best man win. It' complicated relationship. Very complicad. We both hissues. Were not perfect whichs also all right. We L wonder woman B many of us are not perfect and it's great to tell those stories too. Let's actually tack a . Your Sr does N see herself in ad light. You neo be careful with Camille. She is not someone to be red. What difficulty Lookt me. Look at me. Yoe not safe around her. Do you derstand? Do you understand? Y yes. Just a CAS kitchelen T chat. With your daughter. Mor motheis like, Patty, this -- ion't have anything to do with this character, do I? I said, no mother. No. This is discuss my imagination. I knows not Thursday but wet to do a throwbac if that's oy. Oh god, yes. You'll love this your first moviethe untouchablesth Kevin Costner back in 1987. '8 this with my -- this withy very -- the very first movie I er did was "The untouchables." Oh, my god. What's your best memories of this? Kevin cer. And just I learned how to shoot a E. Brian Palma took me under his wiwas kind and gracious and so was Kevin. Kevin -- was a dreamboato I had thou I had died and gone to heaven, my first movie I got to kiss Kevin cor. And Y career has just soared since then sength T strength to strh so T you very much for a O your excellent work. Hank you. Thank you so much. And iw I'm going to watchit but remindrybody that "Sharp objects premieresday on HBO and coming upn "Gma"

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{"id":56361501,"title":"'Sharp Objects' star Patricia Clarkson calls characters 'tragic figures'","duration":"5:15","description":"The actress talked about the new HBO miniseries with co-star Amy Adams and described the \"dark journey\" they go on as mother and daughter.","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/patricia-clarkson-dishes-hbo-mini-series-sharp-objects-56361501","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}