Disney to donate $2M to 'Make-A-Wish' with the 'Share Your Ears' campaign

Bob Chapek, the chairman of Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products at Disney, makes the big announcement live on "GMA."
3:51 | 11/16/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Disney to donate $2M to 'Make-A-Wish' with the 'Share Your Ears' campaign
You've got Mickey's hands even. I thought it was just the ears but even the hands and everything. My good friend and colleague Bob Chapek chairman of our parent company, Disney's park experiences and consumer products is down this Orlando to talk about the share your ears campaign. When you publicly post a picture of someone wearing Mickey ears with hashtag share your ears Disney will donate $5 to make-a-wish and it is all adding up as we reach our goal. Hey, Bob. Boy, you saw quite a -- Thanks for having me on. You saw quite a performance just a moment ago. Let me tell you, seeing all of these people who are posting these creative ears and doing different thing, what's really caught your eye, Bob? Well, tell you what catches my eye is that we believe the best Disney experiences are those that are shared with family and friends. And for me, I love the shared experiences that we get when a whole group does the share your ears program together, in fact, we had one particular school group in Connecticut, a second grade group that decided to actually make a class project around making their ears and then when they did that they obviously shared it but what was great about that, robin, it was children helping other children and that's just fantastic. Yes, that's a great feeling. That's right, Bob. Hey, you know what, congratulations. I know that you recently joined the board of directors of make-a-wish America. I know that is great. Can you just really tell people what the natural connection is between make-a-wish and Disney. Well, there's a big overlap, I believe, between the missions of the Disney company and for make-a-wish. We're both in the business of making wishes come true. In fact, you'll find it interesting that half of the requests that come in to make-a-wish from wish families are for a Disney vacation. And I think that's very inspiring and very humbling and, you know, these families can do essentially anything they want. They can choose whatever they want and the fact that they choose to spend it with us here at Disney is just remarkable. Means the world to us. You're right about that. Hey, Bob, do you mind if I share a little something with the audience now? Do I have your permission? Please do. Please, do. Go for it. The response from all of you has been absolutely phenomenal. Nearly 400,000 people have shared their ears to help reach Disney's original goal of giving more than $2 million to make-a-wish, so in celebration of Mickey's birthday on November 18th, Disney is unlocking up to an additional $1 million. To make-a-wish. All right. Have fun with it. So we want everybody -- oh, my gosh. Even the balloons are shaped like Mickey, hey. Even the balloons are -- all of this is going to make-a-wish so we hope that you will continue to share your ears and you got to admit this is very inspirational, isn't it, Bob? It's great, robin. I can't thank "Gma" and you enough for all the publicity you've given to this event. Obviously we want to do great things for the make-a-wish families and through your constant announcements of this promotion, it's been fantastic, so that we achieved our goal way ahead of schedule and so hence the additional million dollars and so keep sharing your ear, America. We will. We will. We got to keep sharing our ears. Thank you, Bob. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you one and all. You guys are really on your best behavior.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"Bob Chapek, the chairman of Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products at Disney, makes the big announcement live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59239392","title":"Disney to donate $2M to 'Make-A-Wish' with the 'Share Your Ears' campaign","url":"/GMA/Living/video/disney-donate-2m-make-share-ears-campaign-59239392"}