These Disney superfans get surprise from Mickey Mouse

"GMA's" parent company Disney is helping friends stay close in quarantine during the "Mickey & Friends: Stay True" celebration.
4:08 | 08/11/20

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Transcript for These Disney superfans get surprise from Mickey Mouse
We are back with the importance of friendship. So many of us are using social media to connect and stay in touch with our friends more than ever since the beginning of the pandemic and you spoke with one group who share a special bond. This crew, robach, they have never actually met in person. Our parent company Disney put out a call to sell friends and surprised this gang of Disney super fans with a new pile and Mickey does Zumba. I can feel like their hugs through the screen and through their voices. I appreciate them so much. Reporter: These days connecting with friends means more than ever. We love you so much. Reporter: And to celebrate the incalculable value of friendship Disney launched Mickey and friends stay true. No one was more eager than these pals. Friends who support each other to reach our dreams really are the best. Disney is about hope and love. It keeps me young at heart. Okay, how many times? Fun fact, I've never been to a Disney park. What? How did we even let you into this? Perhaps the most remarkable part they have never ever met in they found each other online. The fact that I know I can trust them and we can all trust each other and all get along so well is incredibly special. Reporter: Each one of these friends identifies with a certain member of the sensational six. Goofy. He's awkward and just kind of goes through life so that's me. How are you Minnie? If you ask anyone in the friend group I'm the mom. I look out for my friends. Reporter: Kirsten is the group's Donald. He always just tries and tries again no matter the frustration that comes along and I really respect Donald for being able to keep going. Something, of course, we would like to now do for you that I think you could have good use of but each of you we're going to give a $250 gift card for shop Disney. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Wow. Wow. I didn't know I'd get that reaction. I said 250 now. I didn't say thousand. We've actually got another surprise for you and there's somebody that wants to stay hello to you guys that wants to say hello to you six. Oh, my god. Hi, Mickey. Hi, everybody. Mind if I join the party? We appreciate you popping in. How is it going? Of course. Oh, my ears in the shot? Just checking. We know we just had international friendship day and you had your stay true crew with do I have that right? We sure did. The gang and I had a swell time. There's nothing better than having fun with your best pals. Say, it looks like these best pals are having fun too. Your reaction is golden. Can you believe this, Mickey? These friends you're seeing have actually, they've never met in person. Wow. Now, that's inspiring. You know, someone once said that friends who support each other to reach our dreams really are the best. Hmm. Does that sound familiar? Well, that's what you wrote with your photo. Ah. You guys sure know what being friends is all about. And, oh, boy, check out those outfits. You might have given Minnie a few ideas. Gosh, thanks for sharing your special friendsgivingship with us. So long. See you real soon! I love that. They have never met but huge Disney fans and had a blast.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"\"GMA's\" parent company Disney is helping friends stay close in quarantine during the \"Mickey & Friends: Stay True\" celebration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72301261","title":"These Disney superfans get surprise from Mickey Mouse","url":"/GMA/Living/video/disney-superfans-surprise-mickey-mouse-72301261"}