Tory Johnson shares huge deals on home favorites from small businesses

Save on home products like TubShroom, ZizzyBee Bags and Pink Picasso's paint kits.
4:09 | 08/08/20

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Transcript for Tory Johnson shares huge deals on home favorites from small businesses
Should we do "Deals & steals." Why not? We're going to walk over to the "Deals & steals" table because our friend Tory Johnson has been going above and beyond to help small businesses during this difficult time. So we've got a bunch of products. Tory, what are we working with this morning? Whit, we have a lot of fun here all for home starting with bedding from sheex. What is great about all these bed sets is they come in ten different colors. Every single size. No matter what you pick, it's temperature regulating, moisture wicking, cooling and incredibly soft. That is a win for bed sheets. All are 50% off. A set starts at $105 and free shipping from sheex. Really good bedding. Then we move to the shroom company. This is a great company if you're tired of anything stuck in a drain, hair in a shower or tub drain, food particles stuck in the kitchen sink. These little stoppers prevent any of that from happening. No need to put a chemical down the drain or call a plumber. They're life savers in many homes. Today they're $10 to $13 per set. You get a two-pack. Then to keep us from being bored at home, one of my favorite companies called pink Picasso, adult paint by numbers. It's original photography designs, extremely intricate. You get the acrylic paint and the paintbrushes, plus a little guide. It's hours of fun for all ages, but pretty specific for adults because they're difficult. Nine different designs. You get a canvas masterpiece to hang when you're done. Today they're 50% off. $21 for your choice. Then for the kids -- I shouldn't say kids because this is really family fun from plus plus. These are building toys. Every set comes in a variety different colors and sizes. They're great for developing fine motor skills, focusing on patience and imagination and creativity. It's one piece but endless number of designs. You can make little things, big things, tons of different sets to choose from. They're all 50% off. Today they start at $7.50. I have a lot of fun with these and I don't have little kids. You're going to want this too. This company is called zizi bee. These are bags that are a great alternative to plastic bags. They are reusable, washable, see-through, will carry just about anything from teeny toys to snacks, so many different options, a variety of patterns. They all come in sets. They're half price. They're $5 to $11 today. Finally, a cool new company called lit handlers. These are neoprene containers for your cans, tumblers, even ice cream. A variety of different colors and patterns. They come with a small pocket built in to the handle that's perfect for lip gloss or lip gloss or lip baum so you don't lose your drinks and keep your lips chap-free, just perfect. The colors and patterns are fun. I know I sent you an assortment there but there's a gazillion online. 50% off. They start at $4.50. All these "Deals & steals" from from small businesses. We're on a mission to support small businesses throughout the country. By making purchases, you do just that. Absolutely. We love, Tory, what you're doing for small businesses. I think I like this one, the cheetah print koozie. Gets you in the mood for a summertime barbecue. Sorry, I don't know what that noise was. My cheetah. I'm good with it. We've partnered with all these companies and you can get the deals on our website, Coming up, if you're ready

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"Save on home products like TubShroom, ZizzyBee Bags and Pink Picasso's paint kits.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72254666","title":"Tory Johnson shares huge deals on home favorites from small businesses","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/tory-johnson-shares-huge-deals-home-favorites-small-72254666"}