Black Friday Holiday Shopping Bargains and Pitfalls

Long lines and big crowds add to stress of shopping early this holiday season
2:23 | 11/23/12

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Transcript for Black Friday Holiday Shopping Bargains and Pitfalls
Now, to black friday bargain pitfalls, though. It's becky worley who has the inside scoop there. She joins us from oakland, california. Very good early morning to you, becky. What's a late-comer to do? We look at our watches. It's 9:05. Are we too late? You're probably too late for the big door-busters. But that doesn't mean there aren't good deals out there. For example, let me give you some categories where we're going to see great deals. Apple has their only sale of the year today. In-store and online. 7% to 10% off. We see deals on the ipad and on some of their computers. Keeping that theme going, any of the apple iphone accessories. With the iphone 5 they introduced a dock connector that's smaller. So any that go with the larger one, the older one, fire sale. I've seen them half off for clock radios that you dock your iphone into. And speaker systems. Another category where we're seeing deals, laptops, josh. Windows 8, microsoft's new operating system just came out. We're not going to see discounts. But on this day, we're seeing discounts, 20%, 30% off. I saw one at amazon, really good specks. That was about 200 bucks off. There's deals to be had. No beats by dre, josh. That happens. We've seen the pictures. This isecoming a contact sport. Preparation is key here. So, before I walk out the door, what should I do? Number one, get out your laptop and check for the deals you want on a deal aggregator site. That will tell you where to go. Next, get social. Search twitter for the local shopping area you're headed to, the specific store or the products you want. People may be tweeting about inventory or lack thereof. They may be tweeting about where it's a mad house. Or we've heard that mall of america is tweeting where to find a parking lot. And one mall in colorado tweeting, we have free pancakes. You want to get social. That's key. And finally, get an app. You're going to macy's. As soon as you walk in the door, they know you're in the store if you have that app. And they'll send deals to your phone. Walmart, they'll give you a map of where all the products are in the individual store you go into.

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{"id":17791613,"title":"Black Friday Holiday Shopping Bargains and Pitfalls","duration":"2:23","description":"Long lines and big crowds add to stress of shopping early this holiday season","url":"/GMA/video/black-friday-2012-holiday-shopping-bargains-pitfalls-17791613","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}