Brett Seacat Gets Emotional in Court

Former police investigator, accused of murdering his wife, breaks down in court.
2:23 | 06/08/13

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Transcript for Brett Seacat Gets Emotional in Court
The trial the former Kansas -- now accused of killing his wife and burning down the family home to cover it up he's on the stand telling his side of the story. This morning the moment where the normally stone faced defendant got emotional and what he said that had prosecutors objecting. ABC's GO but he says is on the story given weren't good morning to you dead and Brett -- had argues his wife set the house on fire and shot herself and that he ran out of -- -- What their 2 boys this morning new details about the couple's imminent divorce won the prosecution -- a motive for murder. Now in his own words Brett seek had describes what he says happened. And that helped the -- went up and doing his wife -- the cat dead -- fly from a -- group. On the stand Friday Brett told the jury. That the night before her death the couple had a fight about vast -- divorce filing he didn't want the divorce. Did you sign in with kids -- have divorced parents. The 37 year old ex cops said in court that he told -- -- he would go public with her alleged affairs. With their bosses. Prosecutors have been pointing to -- behavior the day before his 34 year old wife's death. He -- -- his hard drives and throw away old cell phones. Both he claims -- to protect his identity Brett argues his wife killed herself. Because she became so depressed after using a weight loss supplement called HCG. Brett says he didn't kill nasty -- For nineteen years the one who protected and actually even. Man. Finally I pushed her -- -- when I was supposed to be protecting her room to. In heated cross examination. Brett denies the murder accusations. -- threatened to kill nasty burn the house down and make it look like he committed suicide. Yeah. -- even remotely. Like you've never made that threat to -- he absolutely not. Until July and you know -- he shot in the -- -- possible. And so closing arguments begin Monday afternoon in that Kansas courtroom the jury begins deliberating Monday night or Tuesday morning -- -- -- -- a tough case really been a prosecutor really don't have him -- yeah. Thank you think it's there was intense CM.

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{"id":19354675,"title":"Brett Seacat Gets Emotional in Court","duration":"2:23","description":"Former police investigator, accused of murdering his wife, breaks down in court.","url":"/GMA/video/brett-seacat-emotional-court-19354675","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}