Dolly Parton Shares Life Lessons in New Book

"Dream More" author discusses revisiting her legendary career in her new book.
4:18 | 11/27/12

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Transcript for Dolly Parton Shares Life Lessons in New Book
with big hearts, it's great to have dolly parton back with us here on "gma." She's a country music legend, selling a staggering 170 million records. And shnow, she's telling us more in her new book, "dream more." I love the story about how this book came about. It was from an address at the university of tennessee. It wowed everybody. Standing ovation. Went completely viral. That was a big compliment. I was nervous to do a commencement speech. Being from east tennessee didn't hurt any. I had a lot of people on my side. And coming out with the song "rocky top," which is the theme song there, that didn't hurt much, either. I was nervous. It was a lot. It is the message inside the book. And so many people are going to be glad that you wrote it. But you write about the fact this book almost came out of a dare from your colleagues. Well, it kind of did. After the speech did so well, and a lot of people said, you know, you should put this together. And expand on it more. Do something else with it. That's what we did, through our foundation, the library, we teach dream more, be more and learn more. The lessons. If I take that and expand on those, and make chapters out of that. I did talk about all that in the commencement speech. So, ted diller and mike dodson, said why don't we put this together. Write a book. And I did. And all the money goes to the imagination library. Everything is going to the foundation. And you've really lived these lessons. I love the story about your high school graduation. Where you got up and told everybody, I am going to be a big country music star. And they just laughed. Well, they did laugh. And at the time, it hurt my feelings and embarrassed me more than anything. But through the years, I've come to know they were just laughing because they weren't used to people dreaming that big. That is what this book is about. Not being afraid to dream. And you talk about caring Caring about being punctual. Caring about the world around you. But my question is, how did you learn not to care? How did you learn not to care about the laughs or the people making fun? You have to do that. I had been used to that in my little -- I'm so famous for. The coat that I was so proud of because momma told me it was the story of aunt joseph. But you have to take the with the bad. And I'm sensitive. I'm a song writer. I have to stay sensitive. I can't harden my heart. That means I get hurt a lot. I learn to take all that and incorporate that back into the lessons. And it makes me feel -- be able to feel for everybody and give voice to feelings that a lot of people don't know how to express. Got a lot of questions coming in on facebook and twitter. One came from julie. She wants to know, if dolly had to live her life over again, would she make the same choices? Would you make the same mistakes? Probably. And the same choices. Actually, I would. How would one not live their life not the same way? There are things, of course, you think, well, maybe I should have done this different. But to change one thing could change everything. So, I -- you would rather have it. I think we're not supposed to think like that. And I don't think like that. I do the best I can. Try to bring as much joy and spread as much light as I can in the world. And hope for the best. I would do the same thing. What do you dream about today? I dream about the thing. I wish we could be a better world. I wish we could be happier and take better care of our planet and each other. Of course, the selfish things i dream about, doing more. Just doing more dreaming and having more successful businesses. But certainly, just being, to continue to be, a singer and a writer. And just do better at the things I do. But I just hope this world is on a better move.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"\"Dream More\" author discusses revisiting her legendary career in her new book.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17817854","title":"Dolly Parton Shares Life Lessons in New Book ","url":"/GMA/video/dolly-parton-interview-gma-2012-singer-transforms-commencement-17817854"}