Emeril Surprises Florida Mom With Breakfast in Bed

TV chef's search for a deserving mom to win his contest ended with Nicole Moore.
7:16 | 05/10/13

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Transcript for Emeril Surprises Florida Mom With Breakfast in Bed
I'm in Sanford Florida right outside of Orlando. And a very very special lady. Nicole. Is getting ready to get surprised in the Cold War let's go do it. Well here we come. -- -- -- right up to the door right now Nicole -- Here we go. And here we go from. -- unit call more. -- you know me. Yeah well let me tell you have you -- -- -- Of -- Mother's Day breakfast in bed really just and you know what you'll live on Good Morning America right now. So Nicole if you don't -- we would love to just portable microphone on you because America wants to know. Just how special. You are and what you've -- fees family are you ready for months all right let's go right over to this little -- to right over here. In my good friend Robin Roberts she's got something -- -- want to say that okay. Here we go. Kids should have been happier time in the -- -- is lying -- her heart that makes her such a wonderful mom. And a wonderful friends. She was married to her high school -- believed we always had the same -- Well is nearly one of the -- -- And they have Laurie and energetic -- to -- bright red hair and smiles. And in the suburbs 111 they had another baby on the way my -- so so excited to have another addition to their family. But as summer in -- -- that perfect life quickly Aaron painfully fell apart. Her world got turned -- Pretty quickly changed. After weeks of being -- lord wound up in the emergency room Wheeler was just blood work fairly quickly and found out that she hasn't. -- -- -- -- It was a shocking diagnosis. So shocking -- -- started going into early labor. She was in one hospital. Puck crossed the street her baby girl. In the Children's Hospital in the cold all Vaughn hit dedicated herself. You know right from the beginning today to meet Lauren well. Nicole's two year old little girl smiling even through chemotherapy -- -- never ever had to -- -- -- -- one half minutes. She was always are so determined. This is gonna work out and give everything I got it focus everybody Nicole hardly left her daughter's side -- just laying -- it's. It's hard. And covered. Nicole was up all night of every day trying to research and she just. Who worked relentlessly all the while taking care of -- -- Tommy at the same time I think that she gets so much credit. -- -- Keeping her family intact when he could've easily fallen apart. But soon it was clear the -- therapy was not going to be enough. More than 99% of children will be in remission at the end of their first months. Unfortunately Lauren listen doctor said the -- only hope. Was a bone marrow transplant we all knew where it was going but what someone finally said it and it was just stunning. It basically -- -- -- -- having me miss doesn't we consider. But then finally a piece of good news doctors found a perfect match for a Lauren. An anonymous donor the national bone marrow registry but doctors -- burners. -- disease was still very aggressive. But they all agreed that -- -- in late April of last year just eight months after her diagnosis and a call -- her family held their breath. As Lauren -- -- transplant. One -- effects of this award as terrorists. Richmond programs work and that was picked. A year later that beautiful little redhead and -- arriving from maps and points news capsule. Last year -- just hanging. I think it's cold it's only gotten it just wanted to have a favorite thing. -- -- -- -- -- Getting married to. So this Mother's Day. Good Morning America and Angela -- -- celebrate a mom who carried her daughter and her family through the hardest time of their lives. Happy Mother's Day we'll hear amazing rather than an hour looking. Proving ground. How you. One to hand them my grandchildren's. -- -- you've got me for being your best it's my beautiful music. In the -- tough emotionally I think you're. -- -- -- And I know it's been a -- Last couple years but you know my daughter is alive and well in that -- -- the house floor and as a lot of love in this room for him but I feel that it spun off the. -- -- -- -- -- -- Think -- are -- home -- wanted to -- sentence bleeding nominated you for this that your mother won't sell. -- -- -- Value here. -- say okay. Norman and all OK. It is -- -- How you feel right now the -- think this is gonna happen and a 120 words submission in that picture. ABC. -- heard our story. And if I understand this correctly we have made our mess. Our message. And I'm so proud of mind. Daughter in -- she's amazing she's worked so hard to get her family through this and I couldn't be happier thank you so much what you logged a lot of surprises for him and is just warming up right now I'm getting ready for the big. -- have one big iconic moment. -- -- -- -- -- I think. Problems.

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{"id":19151062,"title":"Emeril Surprises Florida Mom With Breakfast in Bed","duration":"7:16","description":"TV chef's search for a deserving mom to win his contest ended with Nicole Moore.","url":"/GMA/video/emeril-legasses-mothers-day-breakfast-bed-contest-winner-19151062","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}