Finding hotel deals when planning vacation

Websites, apps and desktop plug-ins offer discounts on hotel rooms that can help travelers save money.
1:36 | 09/30/17

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Transcript for Finding hotel deals when planning vacation
We're gonna take you away and this weekend download when it comes to travel there are new ways to state that he met my. Needed vacation with every today at about eighteen travel and I've they're giving up ground with mark how to trim those hot spell. Hotel bills as Leon the being full of the expense huge shock the statement. So no they're using the popular plaguing honey. When they're shopping online to save money and honey has just gotten so be on hotel deals and you can save thirty dollars per night according to the company. When you shop online you aren't any keys that gives you discounts to hotel rooms that. Tiny dot travel. No dot com just tiny dot kind of got travel and sit up to thirty dollars a night on average than our night out that at that he had a lot of people hunt for bargains but these yourself right to the popular mobile app. Fox is getting on the hotel team tale. And people usually use box to shop for deals on nonperishable items of pizza costs go. And PGA's and it using that same mentality. A bulk buying to pass on savings to travelers 45%. Off the top. Tell about that 45% and negatives about it who think outside the box outside the box don't think without trusted house sitters dot com it's been very popular front for certainly here's that just wants you last announcement of our biggest markets. And it's. Exchange for pet sitting pretty combinations I yearly membership the 119 dollars so you can stay for free basically committee of the house if you agree to take care their pats all over the world not just to me laugh at all and items around can't selector pat lover. It's a great way to take a budget and eleven greeted by Kennedy let's go on a vacation and still ahead without actually. A statement.

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{"id":50197472,"title":"Finding hotel deals when planning vacation","duration":"1:36","description":"Websites, apps and desktop plug-ins offer discounts on hotel rooms that can help travelers save money. ","url":"/GMA/video/finding-hotel-deals-planning-vacation-50197472","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}