GMA LIVE! (02.11.14)

Linsey Davis and Linzie Janis prepare for Valentine's Day with chocolates and juice.
3:00 | 02/11/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.11.14)
Get ready for some GMA luck. It all starts now live backstage -- GM and. -- -- -- Yeah and they live where there's more -- all day we're showing you of course our favorite. Moments of the morning what goes on here behind the scenes great to be here of course -- someone. I'll never forget your name of the another Lindsay Lindsay Jen is joining us today on GM and -- -- well you know terribly do you -- with an asking why not write write him via I have -- he -- -- and usual ballot and -- bring any other typical knowledgeable scholarly ally in DS AY -- LIN and he Wyatt an ally and the ZIE. Yes area does -- -- to snap up I met. I I got a little festive for Valentine's night up to -- -- all -- days away now and. How does more than ready for -- Long Island not too far there -- anybody in North Carolina. Her outright winner yeah. Los Angeles and you came here as a call now there's something wrong doesn't have even -- got what she had a hat and then this year some. The -- -- never have too much. We've got some very fast and chocolates here had a Valentine's data from John and here is chocolate -- better -- than. Love -- and a lady bug here and everything a socially innovative company at how they describe themselves they have urban -- local. Local supplier as they're going to find it looks too good to eat do you any -- and try to what do you think. I don't let it all back so I'm honest I can't -- I think he's on a butterfly. -- -- breaking Cassidy and stats I'm laughing as the staff Shannon. -- -- -- -- -- It does not Dini -- sweethearts -- Well I have around six teams we have an upscale look. That -- the -- talk about it on campus book and thank you planets. It's not -- out and camera or an adult stuff Clinton's veto of the I'm working -- and I think we're gonna -- I do like lunch rooms some like night and I'm tired and not withstand any you know -- about marketing. Wright is going to be the last campaign I want some some way to celebrate. Say I love you to Lindsay and you may also be wondering why we have all these -- kinds of -- here of course -- chocolate as we've stated -- a popular Valentine's Day -- but apparently juice is another way. To a woman's heart I never got that memo but -- have to carry it. Dating conducted a recent poll of single women nearly 24%. Of them listed. -- Q -- as the number one item on their wish -- so I'm romantic and women. Who wanted to enhance our concern is the connection and in the number two securing a -- So it's although it doesn't -- them on Wednesday birth at all like he does every flower is -- I think like I mean maybe you could do like a hot chocolate didn't do I really what are you trying to tell right. -- there really popular now and then people also in the tablets of course so many different people load. Just looking at Valentine's Day as a way to get enough Levy you know something that they -- -- Friday's -- gets under chief execs of course right they were for over ticket to -- -- thank -- for. Which we're gonna talk about -- let's talk about the happiness. -- so we will confront about. -- -- our favorite bachelor George -- Felt courts cannot get enough -- emerge from -- shining moment at the Berlin Film Festival he was. Wanting into a star studded content allying with his co stars from monuments men Matt Damon leading the group followed -- -- du jardin. Clooney John Goodman Bill Murray but we'd all get to this. I'm right now it's hell home right next majority say yes so click here with us the Rick and with that cast. Always bring the -- take a look at what happened behind the scenes when he was here. -- -- -- I'm sorry. -- -- -- -- I think not only is he good looking so that whatever it is he's also got a good sense of humor -- Pranksters. Develop a lot of Matt Damon big prankster I was thinking is that I am from I don't know if you watch this show was at the facts of life. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- remembered them it was ER I mean really arrived on the scene bragging right OK very fact that my hand and I gap and I. -- -- they mean to. Him on Roseanne and -- that this. I miss my opponent have to remember is that lets not Philip but that's nothing did Roseanne. John Goodman who are on right now that's right the -- also gave some GMA guests the photo Bob -- their life last week contestants. For the GM may fifth wedding showdown were blindfolded. -- -- -- decorating challenge. And when he leaped at the chance to star and that photo -- -- candidate on the cameras. Are you think I actually think Denise and to -- -- we have a camera in the control room Denise are giving George Clooney fan. I can -- that he can I mean the newly married to needs but yet you know everybody's billionaire -- can still have your your crush I don't. I you know she's good listing his transfer when he was like ten years old I can't alma may not that's fantastic actor what do you do yeah. He was the factory manager I think I know. Wow -- ideals and the racing in the work everyday. Now the niece of time for pat of today agree it will OK we're -- real trouble -- getting your day going this morning. There's at least one -- out -- who probably knows how you feel check this out this is -- the cast. Taking a real leap of faith here the names can tell -- hello -- -- Don't worry his owners and scandals is just fine. Yeah you -- had a chance there was no margin Najaf. You know I registered it -- -- and he told -- download the -- this is way off topic but. Floppy -- -- -- -- -- yeah anymore right you can want to -- people the honor I don't get it and yeah. But it just the same way because the bird is so heavy and so if you don't really keep it up it just goes down right away that's -- hospitals just reminded me don't erase flapping bird -- -- -- -- I had no idea back. Letterman's keeps coming today of course we kicked off on our Valentine's day of the week preview with jobless now. We're off to engagement rings I think we're gonna -- over here right and doing different my other good. -- -- -- -- From Tiffany incidents thank you so much for joining us let's really nice to meet you -- to -- -- and they continue. I would imagine is this part of the busiest time of year for people buying engagement rings right around Valentine's. Certainly it's one of our busiest times engagements occur through all throughout the year but this is definitely a time when people kind of looked. By the special occasion proposed in the so frequently that here's what we're -- now. Are women and men coming in together couples to teams that -- and or is it just men coming and it what's the trend I would say the trend would be they're coming in together. And clearly if he's coming in by himself on the -- he's making that purchase he's got a very good idea. Hello he's yeah. If that's so very few men are picking them up lines I would say I think generally to have a good idea I would say fewer and fewer managers making headline decision I think it's a cooperative decision those. Just say we kind of when it's -- So you -- You're setting the pat -- -- wanna have my you know anyone in the distant. Yeah and when you with your ring. We actually went into Tiffany's and had its time and we've looked and so but I have this kind of overwhelmed and I was like -- that looks nice and that looks nice probably anything but this kind of style and OK and did he picked it I mean I think of their. We've kind of lost -- little the surprise factor in you know popping the question everything and so. It's nice is still have a little question about what you're gonna get rather like what Elliott writes -- -- -- -- I mean I -- -- he works did you pick out your ring on her life. My I knew what she wanted to and -- -- my -- getting. I worked for -- That's an east in east recently married as well yes Denise did you -- pick your engagement ring. Now you know what -- was really good to talk to my sister about it. I recently had mentioned her years ago before -- -- him. It never got very angry -- one person that the accident that and -- when that didn't work. Every here's what I want to think that all those years almost out all of what you want and -- you're surprised. I was so surprised because I actively -- actually spoken about it. Priorities. In particular style that that's very popular right now. I would say the most popular and 1886 Charles Tiffany and -- six prong setting Tiffany setting to the world. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not this one this yeah and the key here is is the who. And yeah. It's them into the brackets picked him up and in that setting the setting yeah. I sense. With the heading into this from the side so for hundreds of years has been a classic and he introduced a prior to that. Diamonds really sat down -- this holds a beautifully cut diamond up into the life. And it's and it's -- amazingly brilliant design and continues to be our best -- to this day and it was -- -- I would say both the second is probably. And we've introduced -- beautiful diamonds right now it's noble. Which is right here. This is a new Tiffany prejudice in 2000 and it's good to Kushinka which isn't Larry -- -- -- The -- that's probably what kind of believe -- -- does this this is a cushion cut that that's been modified and additional facets of patented Tiffany cut okay. That's been. And hello -- -- -- do your newest and they know -- -- the end did did Ben get any help from you know zero. I had no idea what as the vehicle -- if I ever got anything Hedrick -- he's very subtle he's very. Didn't know what they want her eyes -- -- OK now I nodded and left I think you're very adamant -- your announce yet I would take many of them and -- About I have read and in the highest on -- -- 250000. I picked up we have one that's just under 200000 but -- Tiffany you can find that amazing diamond ring from about a few thousand dollars up to millions of dollars as a great ring there's one on here that's worth 200000 yes that's -- and eleven -- actually -- yes please answer my husband had been this who know me not is not such a 190. -- a 198000. Well -- how -- of the please don't mind an idea. Also plummeted ninety -- -- that sit on what happens a legacy to bring black. What 200000. I tell you are you and I hadn't just putting on -- million dollars. And I may have actually -- -- -- picture. -- -- -- -- -- Yes because he's a moment and this is funny is a great story because iron. Engagement was very personal it's just -- it just said he wanted it that way but definitely consider fountains of course there's construction -- -- We don't have your picture so why it was such your pride and the men and then weeks later he got an email from a woman. And she had at that next tour group that -- -- fountain. And she had taken a picture and I wish we get the picture yeah. And that's because it's my back you don't even see event so yeah I feel it's just the but it visits are moments it's actually really nationally -- -- -- didn't I have workout clothes you can tell how much of a surprising was -- -- -- Lindsey's take when she gotten games. I think I think we do. And without actually see how he actually had hired on -- me -- -- -- to capture the moment with the sentence and we we end up with them. The movement on his wedding this we and -- literally. -- wonderful. Let's wait for. Yeah yeah. Yeah and yeah. Definitely you know what's happening you know what's happening I don't have an unflattering picture you yeah. That's the one you look you blew it up but there. Monitoring. Colleen I think you. Thank you -- -- you so much we really appreciate and you're gonna do is leaving yeah. Just continue. So many all I had light damage -- -- -- -- raise your hands if you helped pick. That didn't help that he held -- -- -- -- our little a couple of let's. Go to mainland -- that it didn't turn out more heavily in the united -- right. Thank you guys so much -- watching -- and in my live yeah you right back an hour. -- -- --

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