GMA LIVE (07.29.13)

Sam and Lara chat about their new love of Popeye's chicken and celebrate National Lasagna Day.
10:51 | 07/29/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (07.29.13)
-- -- May god created more. -- -- -- -- -- I was just asking Santa there's anymore -- I'm sorry and he has just told -- easily the entire tribe try I may have -- the everybody's chicken in the box I don't know I don't know. May have happened. Hire a black dealt for a little while delivering her know is that right now we noticed I didn't even make it down -- -- if they'd like to show that Gloria I just. It -- -- up everybody -- at a live. I just got a great show really -- -- to be back with a whole day gap was really nice problem Lincoln as it's it's so rare it's like asking a unicorn. I mean you know -- that isn't. Summer time Paul I think everybody was trying to get -- you know a little time I myself and -- auditor and do you can't with the kids -- -- guy and and it's a perfect time. To get away because they can throughout -- school right everybody's -- vacation time so it seems like. You know I think everybody's can apply and when it's the five last -- he just better just so easy check in our bond sales were on greatness -- -- not -- really didn't it's because national signing day campaign put. No there wasn't lasagna day we'll tell you who knew besides Lara -- -- So -- -- are you here here yeah I had come on him not -- on the Kanye. Is there restaurant hit -- not having an -- to -- until the money it. 'cause no one knows more volatility then you do my friends -- -- here on him you're the one who has the restaurant named after it yes I'm so so why. What -- is on -- that inspires its own game. Well lasagna is close to home to many people's hearts everyone has their own favorite lasagna you know what he thought -- lasagna. -- a restaurant that's a modern twist on old school Italian -- so we do. Eight to ten -- -- was on his day. Yeah -- we have here. This is our traditional -- it was on yeah that looks and I think -- Jackson Randall -- -- have a rally over on him yeah with a lot to lose our biggest lasagna fans back here -- specific. Josh give you know. You're the first pick up -- -- quit today. Judge yeah nice to see I would -- that -- -- -- just just take it take a -- of anyone you choose. That's not giving up lasagna I think for so many an accident that comfort -- an -- reminders of childhood. Was it dish that I am my mom would make her becoming hero because it's a home hits a home kneeling in a dead in. Connect -- that he absolutely absolutely everyone's mom always has their own favor one everyone's family always has there once -- specific one. There -- you -- gotten anymore and there. He said he didn't -- that only one -- -- the make it the biggest possible -- Don't go away that it was good -- that -- all right thank you thank you very much are receiving party. Sunny day everybody I'm so excited now -- If if I'm gonna make a mistake. It is doing is on -- home and since -- the expert tell -- the mistake not to make the thing that people do that screws up the lasagna home every. There's two things. The one thing is putting sauce on the bottom of the -- I don't ever do that when we put water or some kind of hand spreading -- with the sauce burns -- rights and the other thing is wrapped in plastic wrap and then put aluminum foil over my favourite forget before you -- you put enough -- -- right now. Plastic doesn't burn all it does is keep all of the moisture in the -- surely doesn't dry out your all to never -- -- -- -- -- -- I like the little Bill Burton -- -- part that's all the way around the -- to -- yeah mind then yeah. Still I have to take that plastic. And the rebel land and lakes Erie at the top -- right before it's -- on take everything off the right -- in -- -- and forget about five minutes -- much in the downturn that for all your. -- -- Just made it easier to celebrate. Thumping Nationalists on I very much appreciated it -- everybody another hug and. I don't like to thank you think anything -- could -- -- -- -- who. We're excited about nationalism and don't have been alive if I'm. Who host who's ever seen a lot to -- -- -- by the way I loved that now looks delightful regionally what can happen and we don't fear find out -- not going to be pretty we're fighting over the cloth. -- -- Couldn't Kashmir bank of -- parliament can actually got a little hot news extra today we wanted to because we're so we couldn't not a simple it is a pop music he so Chris. And that's why we call it a pop news. Some are beginning to overtime with that -- -- really into it so photographer Joshua why didn't Watson and video producer Rachel -- Here -- -- I think. It's not they're planning a wedding they decide to use their personal accounts up like little twist to -- -- common. So they got the help of photographer friend Jordan. Nakamura an eighty remade -- film and TV posters and teach starring themselves in the lead -- the clever word play in the titles such as. Reception instead of in section right -- Casablanca -- California and walk the line movie poster was remain as walk the -- Okay. You. Nation was turned into an engagement and look how beautiful those pictures are that's awesome and great -- they admit they're so lifelike that if you Google. The movies sometimes these pictures come -- not really out like they've they've they've gotten confused. They put him on CD covers and then sent them out as invitations everybody and first of all. You know who how many wedding invitations when your twenties and thirties you get a lot of I know and I did the whole -- green writing I love that people are doing these. I really individual I yours was so it takes what mine I mean you know we had like animals coming out of the top it was like to see rescue thing did you -- -- everything an aquarium -- gas and had -- -- adopting a deliberate way what you -- older Jindal likes and everybody -- emails and hope you can make it. But what what would we what does we have we. They haven't had a chance to talk much about the show itself this morning -- was trying to -- -- got excited I was on him I now I can't that. That may have -- had talked about everywhere. I don't know what it is honestly first of all -- never eaten pop eyes before new buyers -- Robin Roberts. And -- -- -- through her first cancer treatment that was one of the things that we kind of had a big celebration afterwards and and got her some -- -- And eating when eating the pop like chicken I was I was like this is a me it's a little -- and Helen I'm not and I. Today's my First -- I am I am. -- things I'm excited and I don't I'm being nice tonight I don't know I don't beat Ali what they do and it didn't sound good so when -- said we're gonna take. This strip of chicken -- strip of white meat juicy tender chicken ever got to put -- waffle batter on top you know morning give you certain to dip into high. Had a question. -- -- and -- like this may be done -- I and his that I who lead mine because I'm rightly I was like I'm not to going Aaron -- bottom -- As you can see it is not it is amazing so. Run don't walk and you know every now and then were forced to try things on the show and some -- -- we love. Some of we love and some of them we don't look so much longer. Celebrities are a lot of -- they laden actually when things don't go right as expected that's my TV via cell trying to think -- -- Oh you do you brought why. I have we won't name the name but it was a shark named popcorn who do you remember that. -- That's where it -- is that what you think about that Chardonnay popcorn. And I didn't think it's one infused food right back it's so and so we because of the -- aspect we thought we'd try it and it was good going in -- -- like -- It was good but it left this aftertaste that was just like -- -- I -- all of you have just in time we're like. -- -- icon and you know it's here it's on 1980 wanna write it now -- is very. -- it out and it was -- news is that -- apartments in once molecular Spencer got to tell are not. Don't let the show at the plant they had not -- -- look at by the way we don't have a Josh Elliott today. Because Josh is prepping for a very in the interview him. -- intervene on just gets dozens of film director and Josh is like a big movie guys -- he is like he's security officers and. Not vision and I say the wrong what I say the wrong director Peter Russell David O. Russell. Is that it to -- your doctor -- -- director because I think I was gonna say David O'Sullivan who I think. I think that was like Alex we'll have yet and -- -- -- -- I think that's like a Broadway Show -- writers we'll be right I have no idea if that is the that is the but I don't know -- you -- but but this is David don't. And Russell yeah. And Josh an interview he's excited he's upstairs in his office right now probably was -- -- right to cramming. Right -- -- tell me some of the films that that David -- He's serious -- again. Data wrestled -- silver lining the -- is still a lot of what book did Haas who editor at large funny orbit and we don't we had a good interview this is your opportunity we -- and little elevations around in your car sound like what -- video and enjoy the falling of this can't nobody knows where unfortunately the words of Josh Elliott no one got hurt no one got hurt accurate picture that's a -- a computer on and around. Well thank you for not play again amazing not this is amazing broadcast this is exactly the military facilities are all right so let's America's favorite -- Let's just wait it's I -- eating lasagna. Is causes us hugging on time and is on -- yeah yeah. Then we had meeting Bob price for yes. And we had it's our shot of us on a computer bright and around we're bringing home now with a plan today and this is not Emmy -- I don't know what it. That could also be eight pet of the day as well ladies and gentlemen the dog who is testing the -- it's the thought that counts it's this dog. They may lack a little and skill but he makes up for enthusiasm. -- off. -- -- -- -- -- Because barking coming SEC bad -- -- for the good to have it he -- -- got out. Now known that you belong. Elevating John and I think anybody. -- so much for joining -- I know we are so getting that -- media. That's it clear that I can not become president nominates her real -- because of their good some phone banks -- but every day the -- day in my view and I thank -- -- --

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{"id":19801917,"title":"GMA LIVE (07.29.13)","duration":"10:51","description":"Sam and Lara chat about their new love of Popeye's chicken and celebrate National Lasagna Day.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-072913-19801917","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}