'GMA LIVE!' (07.31.14)

ABC News' Sara Haines and Ginger Zee get a look at the biggest event in New York with the US Open Trophies.
14:21 | 07/31/14

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Transcript for 'GMA LIVE!' (07.31.14)
-- ready for some GMA lives. It all starts now live backstage at GMA. Like I'm starting in that area -- -- -- -- didn't -- hello crowd. How are. You really -- -- it's -- morning and start to bore you an online images yell out next. Movie. Sometimes we need this but he needs to be -- -- You guys you're -- okay that I -- you did -- -- you know -- this summer time is it time for watering plants since so many people just so proud of their tomatoes. Well it is time the celebrated because it's time for the pay up -- harvest yeah same -- Fruits. -- -- -- a vegetable I think it's a fruit 190 pound it is a vegetable that. He's picked Condit sunscreen doesn't taste as good I do none of it's made of awesome and and we have a couple interesting recipes I -- taste testers -- cleaner and a come and taste testers in house taste -- what we have some recipes from chef Jean -- let tabulate. -- made us feel like George -- and onions tomatoes -- -- space you tell me how that is. -- yes this is watermelon. And tomato Grenada. Be honest it's delicious -- the man who never tasted. Again if you include -- -- daughter he's trained well look at the camera and tell them -- your favorite thing you've ever had seen anything and it hadn't -- I think yeah she did -- -- -- and getting -- -- -- or what -- what you want to threaten a popsicle a tomato popsicle -- sounds delicious almost as -- -- scary wouldn't. -- aggressive action really get well you're convincing isn't really gut it and I. Air sharing it's carrying the surprise part that you that in there was released -- yet it's the look we're gonna put that idea that in a member was -- -- low. -- -- -- -- -- -- and coming to me like this. Thumbs up -- do it. You have -- tomatoes rock. You heard it here first I'll think you -- think that are coming out you know what I think that would you let your systems there's plenty of what you can totally just didn't announce made up for breath test -- -- -- back half we have more food exactly and that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- call that there -- brought her wedding dress to her dry cleaner on Staten Island a few days later. Staten Island along with many communities in new York New Jersey where hit hard by as we -- -- sandy. The store was destroyed along with many of the clothing items inside except. Her wedding dress. Hearing though that her -- -- -- lost in the storm you can imagine her surprise when she found addressed in the forefront. Of a dry cleaner at a different location supplements that she thought it was gone. -- thought it was gone and left -- you everything was destroyed and I guess they found the -- floating on the water. I don't know your husband -- -- if that's meant to be the distress was meant to me yet was turned out of the same -- though will reopen at that new place. She still had her seat this. In the owner -- I remember her when he saw her but he had no way of finding her out all their records were destroyed so wrong -- -- -- -- Saturday -- -- yeah. Well yeah I was but he wanted a daughter to Wear it someday so it's one of those memorable things but to get addressed Africa but it is cleaned after that crazy party should probably get him. Yeah let's be -- -- you just -- that humans who has totally that the -- that's definitely has some can stains on it yet say that it and that's I would be surprised -- address for doubtful white after wedding you did not party not -- did not have a good -- himself there's a challenge every lesson -- lesson to sanity and -- is all about the little things and this -- had she knows that he really -- -- kick out of his motion sensor trash -- yes you heard me right. Crying AT and threatened statements giving most of the -- and -- -- -- explaining his father's descent into madness. Gave one -- discovered bins with sensors that trigger. -- last every time. Stay until that meeting ended that they were loyal eager docks on now. It's the little things in my -- I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- center if you get a little -- everybody gets -- little -- here is your little slap happy and that's probably what was happening but I also agree very funny dad can imagine -- like addressing him everyday good morning to you. -- naming them. No ready that's -- the agency humor though yet. Freddie really thought about writing a -- -- somebody with or something -- like. Because -- is like friendly -- -- spending takes bad things go -- -- really didn't need me call it like Trevor cook picked up at the alone I wouldn't need to know what you. Need. And there. I like you and thinking that bidding gets you in the mood for the weekend all that -- this well. Tomorrow is indeed Friday but it might well be Friday every day for this police officer in Toronto. Hearing -- -- down at this. Exit data as well yeah. -- -- -- -- Oh he hit it hard. I don't know what we now it's like the beginning -- -- -- daughter or son. I'm glad I cannot believe that my dad -- addicts will do not to move. But -- him -- yeah yeah. Your kids don't like he'd do any. What does turn around I want and not immediately -- well well well okay he just come out. Yeah. Now I'm in the hope that until they're leaving yet that -- open it took quite sure what you tell -- -- -- aluminum. I begged him to I don't know the original videos definitely bring up FaceBook and nearly 70000 shares in just a couple of days and now -- have an -- -- run that by the way -- their uniform if they get caught doing that's not a park -- yeah. The big big story -- -- uniform you are lake. And have not bound by certain line although it's funny dance like everybody's watching my guess is well -- Like lessons we ginger and we have these gorgeous trophies here. -- and look like we let out okay. Nay be lying what is really windy Monday Internet alone that we did -- the Internet as in the world -- -- -- -- The intra net. You know -- -- actually the trophies awarded to the winners of the US open. Which -- peeking back up again next month here in New York City and it's it's huge I guess it's the highest attended yearly sporting event in the world. But there were 700000. Fans flocking to queens for the two week turn -- And we got Tom -- you -- -- -- Courtney. Associating your tells more about our new and -- VE news -- because there aren't. I ask the official heart where the perpetual trophy and also away from that is given to the -- -- when US open. Men's and women's. -- -- -- on the courts what you see is this is drove -- there an -- item is -- -- like testing for it to be real. And -- at the moment whenever they want to do is do they get it. I would they want what it. -- you it -- really didn't mean ethnic fighting that thing you -- -- unique Siegel with a lick right practice I would air gets it and how that's an idea. You would only get -- brilliant. People who calling the trophy. Yeah actually they're not endorse the so this is and I went out and tried out to be and a ball -- -- -- both the net. And and -- I love I love the energy the excitement out there. -- -- -- -- afford to -- anything -- it's great every year it's him that's the biggest event in New York is lost and get the crowd that there August 25 through September 8. The dishonesty on the food is often entertainment is to be out there on the grounds the first couple -- walk on the outer courts and the all the from players it's this is a great answer me. What's funny to watch on TV but I think it's always that is one of those light eventually wanna go to. You -- to be -- yeah. And it's more than tennis that's the thing to live realize there's a whole lake city in sag itself that -- the shopping -- that there -- -- everything shopping food dinner dining you know you can see the player interaction autograph sessions sponsor events throughout the open so it's it's. One stop shopping from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here you go ahead again you can mount you know you're not getting a little old in the group yeah it was just a personal weekdays -- -- you know like I felt a little more insecure that day and we really where ancient -- An -- as the people trying out any of the people for the people are trying to listening to your right here on the pore over the players that the act and that's a rash. A little nerve racking up they look even the need something from you and keep our senior what you like -- Howland didn't make it to good friends. Thank you so much in the southeast and yet nothing funny -- we enable us bite it I can't let her attic or you -- hey you know who got the ball persons might want to use that went through. -- -- -- You think -- picture I wouldn't try harder yeah conflict affected if Tony yeah I think he's -- -- very much enough all right we have some news to share with you now. The past several months you've probably seen our producer and friend frank -- down here on the set with us. He's -- -- behind this crazy shows -- him. Yeah adding that. Confused it's -- been his idea and his faults -- -- -- Brian I had. Today. Completely Bryant moving in the opposite while ABC news and we're very happy for him but before he -- -- to be a broad past producer matter overnight show world news is now. We want to take a look at some of -- -- favorite Ryan moment now. Ruined. Beat up on Tuesday. Wonderful producer -- Eilat and -- old man was so great I think this is. Are you okay. A lot of yeah. Jim I would -- Diana. -- -- You know. It's. I'm honestly. -- -- -- -- -- -- So much. It's been an -- of work here with these guys it's been really fun and I just want to thank everybody. This help the show. It's been it takes a village yours is little child -- -- so thank you to everybody time Denise Tracy Alley everybody put this show. In my. Hands all of the editors all the graphics those teen female lives -- and Ross Danielle. USI. I'm I'm I'm good I'm not -- -- I had no I don't want to yeah try to you know I think but really think you. And thinks all of the especially you guys coming on camera doing this every day. It's been really fun. All of these people who do this show. They're just like you folks. They're just pretty year. And that's so not every -- on -- very much I'm gonna -- You know you think I think you can I don't know I don't know trying to cook so I guess there's more we have a little funding -- We are present your first world news now Joan next month a little inspiration from well check -- out I don't know Brian JU the CI -- Well and now. A -- -- I was. Witnesses are two high fuel is it marching dancing reduction not improved and it happened there really opinion include Rivera here they've gotten -- This is our music video and done. As you can see -- -- turned against people that there cleaning up but in over and he knew she wouldn't -- as well we get from you all time. Ending up overnight you should definitely streaming you cannot ride. The middle this is this is very I'm sorry Internet for all of this. I can do what else you relate that -- underworld and is now hope that all yeah that's right watch world news now in my beyond when you're sleeping but if you wake up in the middle of the night. Watch it we have some fun stuff plan won't be any of that dancing I hope but maybe. Yeah I guess if I run out of ideas and I'm certainly running out of things to say now so let's wrap it up right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I grabbed him and before we don't know one more programming note GMA live is going to be taking the rest of the summer off. And -- the so they -- that I know what that he could -- but hasn't seen fit into Good Morning America that come on Yahoo! for more information. And we will see you when everybody gets back from summer vacate thanks so much for watching and always have a happy healthy. -- -- --

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{"id":24788001,"title":"'GMA LIVE!' (07.31.14)","duration":"14:21","description":"ABC News' Sara Haines and Ginger Zee get a look at the biggest event in New York with the US Open Trophies.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-073114-24788001","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}